Cross Country & Endurance Team Managers 2016 / 2017

Here are the Team Managers for the forthcoming cross country and endurance running season


U11                                                        Paul Cox

U13 & U20                                           Sheryl Reid                        

U17 & U20                                           David Vosser                     

Senior & Vets Women                   Lucy Elliott                          

Senior & Vets Men                          Peat Allen                          

CC6                                                        Stephen Lowy                  

HRRL                                                      Saul Duck             


WADAC's 40th Party---Last Chance for Tickets!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the last week to buy tickets for WADAC's 40th Birthday Party as we need to advise the caterers of numbers next week. 

Come and join the rest of us at the Athletics Stadium between 3:30pm and 8:00pm on Saturday 10th September for food, drink, games and live music.

Go to "Event Registration" and the "More" sub-section on our website and get your tickets.

See you there!


Quadkids Open Meeting 30th of September!

With the Olympics just finishing, there is no better time for a Quadkids competition. Hopefully the Olympics have inspired many and we will see a good turn out of young athletes at this competition.

This competition poses to have a friendly fun atmosphere and also poses to give young athletes valuable competition experience.

Athletes who are in the age groups of U12 and bellow can enter this event


Use this link bellow to enter and find out more information.



Team Managers 

As we come to the end of another Track & Field season and RR10 series, we have once again seen some great individual and team performances at WADAC.

I take this opportunity of thanking our Team Managers who put in a tremendous amount of work each year in getting teams entered, organised competing. Our home matches run like clockwork.

Sue True                              SAL Women

Ian Debnam                       SAL Men

Karen Hazlitt                      Vets’ League Women

Franklyn Young                 Vets’ League Men

Kathryn Miles                    Wessex League Boys

Steve Torrance                 Wessex League Girls

Barrie Howe                       Wessex League

Lee Wrey Brown              Quadkids

Gerald Eyssens                 Quadkids

Rosetta Turzo                    Quadkids

Emma Carter                      RR10

Caris Stoller                        YDL Upper Age Group

Gary Bettridge                  YDL Lower Age Group

Well done to you all and we hope to see you again next year!!


100 Club Winners

This month's winners are:

1st   Jonathan Kane        £25.00

2nd   Andy Gannaway      £15.00

3rd   Lou  Walker               £10.00

£50 was raised for WADAC.