Next Coaches' & Team Managers' Meeting

The next Coaches’ & Team Managers’ Meeting will take place on Monday 16th March at 7.30pm.

 Venue: The Green Man (first floor), Southgate Street, Winchester SO23 9EH.

 Agenda items to Pete Spelman via


Team Managers---Track & Field 2015

I am delighted to announce the Team Managers for this year's Track & Field athletics are:

Wessex League:                                  Kathryn Miles, Barrie Howe (tbc) & Steve Torrance

Quad Kids:                                           Jane Gandee (girls) & Lee Cawrey Brown (boys)

YDL (lower age groups):                    Gary Bettridge, Claire Woollett & Brendan Harnett (tbc)

YDL (upper age groups):                    Mark & Elspeth Brown & Caris Stoller

Southern Athletics League:                Sue True (women) and Ian Debnam (men)

Vets’ League:                                      Karen Hazlitt   

Thank you all so much for volunteering for these roles.


Proposed Open Meeting This Summer

The WADAC Committee have agreed that it would be good to have an Open Meeting at the Athletics Stadium this summer. We had one in the past which was well received by participating athletes.

To distinguish the meeting from other open meetings, we thought it a good idea to focus the meeting on relay races (4 x 100m and 4 x 400m) and have a classic mile race. Such an event could build up a reputation over the years and help to put our Club on the map.

We need a small team of 2 or 3 people to co-ordinate this please and pull it together. There is plenty of time to organise this but it does require some input now to select a date to fit into the busy track & field calendar and book the Athletics Stadium.

This is a good opportunity for a Senior athlete or parent of one of our Juniors to help WADAC out on a one off project. Full support will be given by the Club and our coaches.

If interested in helping to organise this event, please get in touch with Pete Spelman via  


100 Club Winners

This month's winners of the 100 Club were:

1st   Lou Walker         £17.50

2nd George and Michaela McCallum    £10.50

3rd Steve and Gill Goodwin      £7

Please take a moment to complete the application form for the 100 Club (found on the Home page of this website) and help raise funds for WADAC's Facilities Fund.


Wanted---Junior Editor for Chatterbox

The Club is very proud of its monthly publication, Chatterbox, which brings members up to speed with events, news, important notices and photographs. We estimate a mind blowing circulation of 700 people per month!

We are looking for a “Junior Editor” to assist the current Editor, Robert Bryan, to pull the magazine together each month. Perhaps we could introduce a letters page, monthly photo montage or, dare I say it, some cartoons!

This would suit a budding journalist or someone looking to have a career in media. Just think how good it will look on your CV to state you were an Editor for Chatterbox.

If interested, please contact Pete Spelman via