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WADAC Google Group

WADAC has a Google Group that allows adult members to send emails to all other members of the group.  Members use this for club-related discussions.  

How it works

Once you have joined you will be able to send e-mails to everyone in the group. You will also receive any mails sent by any other member. Now this can be none or loads, just depends on what's 'Hot' at the time. Should you have a problem with too many messages,  can choose to see the messages on-line @ Google rather than having them delivered to your pc.

NB. Please remember that the messages are not monitored and 'trust' 'responsible' and 'adult' are words that come to mind! Also, you need to be aware that whatever you might accidentally say on a mail will, go to EVERYONE and so, whilst in the main, friendships should become stronger through the group, the odd comment about so & so could lead to an embarrassing situation!!  When you reply to a group message, the reply goes to all members of the group and not just the sender of the original message.

How to Join!

You can choose to join the Google Group in your member settings on the WADAC membership system. These will be picked up after the annual renewal period in April, when all members who have opted to join the Google Group will be added and anyone who's subscribed to the Google Group but is no longer a club member who has opted for Google Group subscription will be removed.

If you change your Google Group option at any other time please send an email to the webmaster with your name , e-mail address and Membership Number, asking to join the WADAC Google Group.

How to Unsubscribe From The Google Group

  1. Go to the WADAC Google Group web page, click on the my settings button then select Leave This Group.
  2. Go into the WADAC membership system and check your membership preferences to ensure that the option to join the group is not selected.  This will prevent you being re-added when the membership system is checked vs. the Google Group membership, which happens occasionally and is not automatic.