Wessex League Cross Country - Results Canford Heath

Please find attached the final results of the first Wessex League sent today. Well done to everyone who took part especially the U11's who may have been racing for the first time. There were some great performances. Great start to the season! Looking forward to seeing you at the next race.

Sam Parkinson

U13 Boys

U13 Girls

U11 Boys

U11 Girls

U15 Boys

U15 Girls



U11s Results From Farley Mount : 11 Oct 2014

Girls & Boys results


U11 Girls Results

Posn. Time Name Club

1 7.12 Eloise O'Neill Portsmouth
2 7.15 Megan Hulbert Soton
3 7.21 Isabelle Robinson WADAC
4 7.51 Sophie Newsom Portsmouth
5 7.52 Natalia Smith New Forest Juniors
6 7.54 Gracie Roberts Chichester
7 7.56 Lilly Jones New Forest Juniors
8 8.02 Maya Gandee Morgan WADAC
9 8.03 Mabel Lewis Isle of Wight
10 8.13 Abigail Reid WADAC
11 8.20 Gabriella Jones Portsmouth
12 8.27 Eden Canning Isle of Wight
13 8.28 Grace Tugwell WADAC
14 8.30 Jodie Price Portsmouth
15 8.31 Grace King Portsmouth
16 8.31 Monica Watkins WADAC
17 8.34 Leonie Tewkesbury Portsmouth
18 8.46 Alice Walton Portsmouth
19 8.51 Evie Jones Portsmouth
20 8.59 Claudia Leeming WADAC
21 9.02 Poppy Gamblin Portsmouth
22 9.09 Phoebe Butts Soton
23 9.16 Yasmin Butts Soton
24 9.23 Alice Eyssens WADAC
25 9.32 Izzy Stout WADAC
26 9.33 Maisy Hanslip Soton

U11 Boys Results

Posn. Time Name Club

1 6.39 Robert Jones New Forest Juniors
2 6.48 Oliver Cook Soton
3 6.49 Josh Fawcett Portsmouth
4 6.55 James Salter WADAC
5 6.58 Jude Murray New Forest Juniors
6 7.00 Cameron Walker-Powell Portsmouth
7 7.09 Leo Baker WADAC
8 7.13 Alex Lakeland Basingstoke
9 7.14 Ren Foley WADAC
10 7.20 Iwen WreyBrown WADAC
11 7.25 Sam Roberts WADAC
12 7.40 Louis Knight Portsmouth
13 7.41 Matthew Lissenbury Poole
14 7.41 Sammy Alsop WADAC
15 7.57 Charlie Cox WADAC
16 8.14 Grant Pugh WADAC
17 8.18 Aaron Dennis WADAC
18 8.23 Finlay Wrey Brown WADAC
19 8.39 Sam Holder Soton
20 8.39 Jack Lyman
21 8.46 David Aspin WADAC
22 8.53 Harry Robinson WADAC
23 8.59 Melissa Cooper Soton
24 9.02 Thomas Rankine WADAC
25 9.03 Ben Hunter WADAC

Hampshire League Cross Country Fixtures---All Age Groups

WADAC juniors aged 10 and over can compete at the 5 Hampshire League Cross Country events this season.

The dates and venues are as follows:


  • Saturday 11th October 2014 Farley Mount, Winchester
  • Saturday 8th November 2014 Goodwood, Chichester
  • Saturday 6th December 2014 Popham Airfield, Basingstoke
  • Saturday 10th January 2015 Prospect Park, Reading
  • Saturday 7th February 2015 Kings Park, Bournemouth

More information can be found on the Hampshire League Cross Country page 

Any questions please email Liz Darlison at


Farley Mount Cross Country Races for U11s

There are U11 races for Year 5 and Year 6 children. The U11 girls’ race is at 11.20 and the U11 boys’ race at 11.35. There is no team competition and these races do not form part of the Hampshire Crosscountry League.

The course is approximately 1600m and has one large hill.

Please register between 10.30 and 11.00 at Farley Mount on the day of the race. There is an entry fee of £1 per athlete payable when you register.

Carparking costs £2.


Photos from todays Southern XC Championships


Poor Turnout At First Hampshire League Cross Country

Being an ex cross country runner myself, I was massively looking forward to the first Hampshire League Cross Country at Prospect Park, Reading on 19th October. 

My hopes for WADAC having a good season were dented somewhat by the poor turnout from WADAC Juniors which represent about 300 members in the club. 

There were some good performances but we did not have the volume of runners our local competitors have and hence our team positions were disappointing. 

In summary, here are the number of athletes competing for WADAC in each age group and the current League positions: 

U13 Girls                                   10 athletes                    6th

U15 Girls                                   6 athletes                      2nd

U17 Girls                                   4 athletes                      6th

Senior Women & Vets               13 athletes                    4th (Vets = 2nd)


U13 Boys                                  11 athletes                    6th

U15 Boys                                  5 athletes                      8th

U17 Boys                                  2 athletes                      Last (Did not have a team)

Senior Men & Vets                    11 athletes                    4th (Vets = 3rd


Each week I see hundreds of Juniors training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I see many coaches putting a tremendous amount of time into you as individuals and the club. But the results are not coming through on competition days because too many of you are not competing for WADAC. 

Bearing in mind there is no track & field athletics now till April 2014, I would have thought that more of you would be competing in the cross country races. 

So a plea please----get the dates of the cross country races in your diaries (they are all in the Calendar section of the website), get your spikes & running vests out and compete for the club. We can do a lot better. 


Wessex Cross Country League - Canford Heath Results

Winchester & District AC athletes travelled to Canford Heath near Poole for the first of the four Wessex League cross country races.

Well done to all the runners who took part, in particular the U11’s, many of whom were competing for the first time.

Results for the Winchester runners were as follows:

Under 11 Girls. Isabelle Robinson 8th 7.50. Iona Morley 14th 8.13. Aisling Dunne 16th 8.23. Fenella Wilson 17th 8.24. Ella Mae Popowicz  21st 8.40. Sophie Torrance 22nd 8.43. Team 3rd.

Under 11 Boys Iwan Wrey-Brown 17th 7.54. Tomas Popowicz 26th 8.27. David Aspin 34th 9.08. Khalid Elsheikh 9.58. Luke Jones 37th 10.00. Sonny Quayle 38th 10.01.  Team 9th.

Under 13 Girls   Jemima Watson 8th 12.20. Yasmine Elsheikh 17th 13.04. Lara Goldsmith 21st 13.26 Team 3rd.

Under 13 Boys Harry Parkinson 6th 10.38. James Baxter 7th 10.42. Joe Hoff 10th 10.55. Ben Aspin 20th 11.34.Team 2nd.

Under 15 Boys Oscar Ginn 7th 11.37.

Senior Women Jennifer Mclachlan 1st 25.02. Samantha Parkinson (V40) 2nd 26.50.

Senior Men Franklyn Young (V50)10TH 32.11 Steve Torrance (V50) 37TH 37.20.

A full set of provisional results can be found at the link below.

Provisional Results


Junior SEAA Road Relays 21st September 2013

Please sign up for the junior Aldershot Road Relays taking place on 21st September 2013 at

There will be teams of 3 for the U13 and U15 girls and U17 women, each leg 2.3 - 3k, and teams of 4 for the U13 and U15 boys and U17 men, each leg 3 - 4k, with age as at 31st August 2013.We hope to enter several teams in each category - it's a fun day out which makes a great start to the cross country season.

Sign up by end of Wednesday 4th September. For more information contact Liz Darlison



CANCELLED intercounties race tomorrow

Message from Ceri Mitchell:

Unfortunately the U13/U14 intercounties race tomorrow has been cancelled. I have emailed everyone I have details for but I would really appreciate you passing the message on to anyone you know who was selected to race. I will email out information regarding refunds for kit purchased as soon as I have details. The race will not be re-run.


Junior Fixtures - XC and Road 2012/13

Please note closing date for Hampshire Champs xc is 15th December. This year there will also be a non championship race for U11 boys and U11 girls. Follow link below for more details.

21 Oct

Wessex XC League

Ham Hill, Yeovil

28 Oct

BUPA Great South Run

Southsea, Portsmouth




3 Nov

ECCA National Cross Country Relays





10 Nov

Hampshire XC League

Goodwood, Chichester




11 Nov

McCain UKA Cross Challenge


11 Nov

CC6 League (over 15s)

Dibden Enclosure




24 Nov

McCain UKA Cross Challenge inc. European Trials

Sefton Park, Liverpool

25 Nov

Wessex XC League

Old Sarum, Salisbury

1 Dec

Hampshire XC League

Popham Airfield

2 Dec

CC6 League (over 15s)

Janesmoor Pond, Stoney Cross

? Dec

Inter Counties XC Champs





16 Dec

Wessex XC League

Canford School, Canford Magna, Wimborne

5 Jan

Hampshire County Championships

Fleming Park, Eastleigh

6 Jan

CC6 League (over 15s)

Badgers Farm

12 Jan

Hampshire XC League

Kings Park, Bournemouth




20 Jan ?

Hampshire Schools


26 Jan

SEAA XC Championships

Parliament Hills

2 Feb ?

Schools Inter County Match








9 Feb

Hampshire XC League


10 Feb

CC6 League (over 15s)





23 Feb

English National XC Championships


3 Mar

CC6 League (over 15s)

Fleming Park or Knightwood (tbc)







16 Mar?

English National Schools Cross Country Championships


23 Mar?

Schools Internal / Home International