Reminder - Sign up for Wessex League Match - 5 June - Salisbury

Please sign up for our second Wessex League match on the 5th June in Salisbury. Numbers are low, particularly in the boys, so please come and represent the Club. If you haven't competed before, this league provides the ideal opportunity in a low key setting. This league is all about having a go and so there are a wide variety of standards and no one should feel out of place or uncomfortable.

Details of the match can be found here:

Boys Team Manager: Kathryn Miles:

Girls Team Managers: Steve Torrance and Barrie Howe:



YDL Upper Age Group Match Sunday 29th May Kingston

Here is the DRAFT team list and timetable for next Sunday's YDL match at Kingston.



Please arrive at Bar End Park & Ride car park in time for a 9.00am prompt departure of you are coming on the coach. There are still spaces if you would like to travel by coach and have not told me.
If you are driving, the address is 422A Kingston Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT1 3PB.
If travelling separately please arrive at least an hour before your first event and come and find me.

There is a covered stand so we will not be taking the gazebo.

Please note - non scoring athletes are on the 3rd sheet of the spreadsheet.

Relays - I have simply tried to work out who could fill the teams. The 4 x 100 teams are likely to stay as they are, the 4 x 400m are likely to move about a lot on the day! We will confirm who does what on the day. 

I cannot guarantee a relay spot if one of the teams is incomplete and has to be disbanded of course.

There are still some gaps. Please let me know if you think you can fill one of them. Remember U17s can only do 4 events, one must be a relay (if not, it is only 3 events). Non scoring counts as one of the four. U20s can do 5 events, one a relay. Please also note that there are no spaces in LJ - we can only enter a total of 3 Male and 3 Female athletes in each FIELD event ACROSS age-groups.

If you do consider adding a field event for team points for example, look at the timetable to see if it is possible and get back to me. We can always fill some gaps on the day too.
If you have not signed up and want to compete in an event where there is apce, let me know. We would love to have you.

Let me know if you have any questions







YDL Lower Age Group Match 2 Saturday 21st May

We still have a few gaps in the team for Saturday as well as spaces on the coach.  Please let me know if you can fill any of the gaps (each athlete can do 3 events plus a relay)

U13G (years 6 & 7)
1200m x 1

U13B (years 6 & 7)
Hurdles x 2
200m x 1
Javelin x 1
High Jump x 1

U15G (years 8 & 9)

1500m x 2
Hammer x 1
pole vault x 1

U15B (years 8 & 9)
100m x 2
200m x 1
800m x 1
1500m x 2
4 x 300m relay x 4
Javelin x 1
Hammer x 1
Discus x 1
Long Jump x 2
high jump x 2
pole vault x 2

Event timings can be found on Page 2 of the timetable via the following link

Sign Up

Email me and let me know which age group you are in, which events you would like to do, any you wouldn't mind having a go at (Sprints are always the most popular), if you need any seats reserving on the coach and how many at £7 each. If you are not sure what would be the best events for you, have a talk with your coach first. Also if there is any extra information let me know e.g. events you would like to have a go at but have never done before, we will do our best to help you learn the basics.

email Gary Bettridge


Sign Up for Wessex League Match 2 - 5 June - Salisbury

The second Wessex League match of 2016 is at Salisbury and will take place on Sunday 5th June. This provides a great opportunity for young athletes to compete for WADAC in the 2016 Wessex League (

Match 2 - Sunday 5th June 2016 at Salisbury

Who can compete?

The competition is open to all Under 13s (Years 6 and 7), Under 15s (Years 8 and 9), Under 17s (Years 10 and 11) and Under 20s (age at 31st August 2016). Note, there is a separate QuadKids competition for Under 11s.

We can enter 2 scoring athletes for each event (in each age category) and in the track events there is the ability to enter additional athletes as non-scorers (up to 5 non-scorers per age group, per event). There is a maximum of 2 athletes plus one non-scorer per field event (in each age category).

If necessary, we will give priority to those that signed up for the YDL but failed to make selection and those that weren’t able to do their preferred events at the previous Wessex League match.
You must wear your WADAC vest in order to compete.

Which events can I compete in?

You can compete in a maximum of 3 events plus a relay.

Events include: sprints, hurdles, middle distance, relays, long jump, high jump, shot, javelin and discus.

U13s/U15s wanting to run middle distance can compete in either the 800m or 1500m NOT both.

See the Wessex League timetable ( for a full list of events for each age group.

How do I enter?

Please sign-up by Friday 27th May by email only to the team managers: For the boys, email Kathryn on and for the girls, email Barrie/Steve on The team selection will be published shortly afterwards.

Please provide the following details:

Entrance cost is met by WADAC.

Boys Team Manager: Kathryn Miles -

Girls Team Managers: Barrie Howe and Steve Torrance –


Sign Up for 2nd YDL Upper Match Kingston, Sunday May 29th

Dear Athletes

After our recent success at the first Upper Age Group YDL Match of the season, it is now time to sign up for the 2nd match, which takes place at Kingston AC on Sunday 29th May. This is in three weeks time!

Please sign up by emailing me at - asap but NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 20th MAY. 

If you are available, please tell me which events you can do, including which is/are your priority events and which you would be prepared to do for points.

There will be a coach leaving from Bar End as usual.

The timetable of events, to help you work out which events you can do on the same day, is on the YDL website, under Documents - please look at Non Premier Division Timetable, which is 2nd page of the document.

Caris Stoller