Development Group starts today Wed 6th Jan

Development Group restarts at the University's Sportshall this evening at 6.40pm.  We will continue at this venue until February Half Term, then relocate to the track.

Development Group resumes Wed 4th Nov at new venue

A reminder that Development Group will not be on today, Wed 28th Oct , due to half term. We resume at the new winter training venue at the University's Sportshall from next week, Wed 4th Nov at 6.40pm. Please refer to my recent email for more details. Karin


Coaching Coordinator Vacancy

 The position of Coaching Coordinator needs to be filled, we are looking for an existing coach who would be willing to take on this important communication role for WADAC. The role would involve:

  • ensuring coaches keep waiting list admistrators aware of where there is capacity to take new athletes, and that coaches have enough athletes to keep their groups full
  • informing existing coaches of any forthcoming meetings/coaching courses to  further develop their knowledge and coaching skills
  • acting as a point of contact for anyone interested in becoming a coach
  • communicating with all coaches where any groups may require more coaching help

This role could largely be done by email, possibly even by using social media. It would help the Club immensely in progressing more potential athletes off the Waiting List and into coaching groups for regular training. If you are interested, then please contact Karin Gray for further information at


Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme(HTAS) Open for Applications until 11th October

This information applies to the following categories of athletes:

- Power of 10, Top 10 place in 2015 - you can apply for a grant application

- Power of 10,  Top 15 place in 2015 , and Top 10 in a national/international competition in 2015- you can apply for a non-grant application

Do any of these categories apply to you?  Then please read below:

Hampshire County Council provides support services to help Hampshire’s most talented athletes reach world class podiums e.g. Olympics, Paralympics, World Championships. Support starts at county level and goes through to athletes competing internationally. As the performance pathways for different sports vary hugely, each National Governing Body (NGB) of sport is consulted to ensure that support is given at the right level. Disciplines not supported by the NGB or without clear performance pathways will not be eligible for HTAS support.

A variety of factors will influence the level of support provided to an athlete. These factors include national and international rankings, national and international competition results (for individual sports) and selection for national and international teams (for team sports).

Grant Application

Grant Applications are now open for theHampshire Talented Athlete Scheme and will close on Sunday 11th October. Athletes with a top 10 national ranking might be eligible for grant funding and should complete the Hampshire Talented Athlete Application Form.

International Competitions

As part of its Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Programme Hampshire County Council has allocated £5000 to help athletes with the costs of competing internationally. Athletes are invited to apply for up to 50% of their expenses attached to competing internationally, to a maximum of £500.

Athletes must fulfil the criteria laid out in the guidance notes on the ‘How to apply’ page and cannot be in receipt of HTAS funding for this calendar year.

Non-Grant package

Applications for the services below are accepted throughout the year and processed on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Unitary authority support

The Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme covers people who live in one of the boroughs or districts of Hampshire. This includes Test Valley, Basingstoke and Deane, Hart, Rushmoor, East Hampshire, Havant, Gosport, Fareham, Eastleigh, Winchester and the New Forest.

The unitary authorities (Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight) have their own services. Please contact the relevant person if you live in one of these areas.

For further details consult the HTAS website on:


U13 & U15 Club Track & Field Championships Results

Well done to everyone that competed for WADAC in track and field this season. Instead of holding our own Club Championships event this season for the U13s and U15s, we have based our Club Championships on the best performances this season in a range of events. Medals have been awarded for the top 3 places.

Medals will be available in the Clubhouse on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next couple of weeks so please come and collect them. Please remember to sign the sheet to confirm collection.

The list of medal winners is:

Winchester & District T & F Championships 2015 - U13s & U15s      
    U13 Girls   U13 Boys   U15 Girls   U15 Boys  
100m 1 Lauren Fall 13.2 Jasper Walford 14.2 Abigail Dennison 12.7 Thomas Gillespie 11.6
  2 Amy Dawes 14.11 Ben Dunn 14.3 Zoe Holley 13.9 Daniel Thomas 12.0
  3 Serena Charles 14.18 Benedict Thomas & Tomas Popowicz 14.5 Ellie Livingstone 14.0 Louie Power 12.2
200m 1 Lauren Fall 27.6 Iwan Wrey Brown 29.0 Abigail Dennison 26.4 Thomas Gillespie 23.5
  2 Amy Dawes 28.4 Benedict Thomas 29.7 Katie Lewis 27.5 Daniel Thomas 24.3
  3 Serena Charles 29.4 Jasper Walford 30.1 Ellie Livingstone 28.7 Louie Power 25.8
300m 1         Abigail Dennison 42.7 Thomas Gillespie 36.43
  2         Maddie Turner 44.36 Daniel Thomas 39.6
  3         Bea Fair 45.2 John Honigmann 40.78
800m 1 Iona Morley 2:43.51 Iwan Wrey Brown 2:37.82 Natasha Miles 2:20.11 Tom Mannion 2:11.5
  2 Freya Brannigan 2:44.96 Ren Foley 2:43.9 Poppy Clements 2:22.86 Ben Ringrose Voase 2:19.87
  3 Serena Charles 2:46.4 Sam Hickley 2:44.7 Tallulah Jeffes 2:26.26 Lucas Lyne 2:21.5
1200m 1 Iona Morley 4:23.5            
  2 Fenella Weston 4:32.0            
  3 Abigail Reid 4:41.6            
1500m 1     Alex Harrison 5:25.5 Poppy Clements 4:56.1 Tom Mannion 4:39.52
  2     Ren Foley 5:30.34 Emily Coulson 5:01.36 Matthew Prest 4:41.5
  3     William Agombar 5:35.0 Natasha Miles 5:19.09 Ben Ringrose Voase 4:42.0
      70m   75m   75m   80m
Hurdles 1 Serena Charles 12.5 Alexander Miles 13.85 Isabelle Lynch 13.1 Andrew Wilson 12.68
  2 Abby Childerley 13.5 Zachary Sherry 16.5 Tallulah Jeffes 13.51 Thomas Gillespie 13.0
  3 Ella Mae Popowicz 14.4 Iwan Wrey Brown 18.5 Miranda Collings 14.3 Charlie Brown 13.3
High jump 1 Alina Eichhorst & Amy Dawes 1.30 Jonathan Eadie 1.27 Tallulah Jeffes 1.57 Joss Greig 1.75
  2 Emily Smith & Maddie Newcombe 1.20 Iwan Wrey Brown 1.10 Isla Allan & Lara Goldsmith 1.35 Daniel Thomas 1.55
  3 Serena Charles 1.14 Samuel Roberts 1.05 Miranda Collings & Gabrielle Spelman 1.30 Matthew Prest 1.45
Long Jump 1 Serena Charles 4.26 Benedict Thomas 4.44 Maddie Turner 4.80 Daniel Thomas 5.28
  2 Abby Childerley 4.01 Alexander Miles 4.16 Tallulah Jeffes 4.54 Louie Power 4.98
  3 Amy Dawes 3.88 Jasper Walford 4.06 Katy Lynch 4.37 Thomas Gillespie 4.91
      2.72K   3.25K   3.25K   4K
Shot Put 1 Serena Charles 8.17 Alexander Miles 7.48 Lucy Bayliss 10.44 Louie Power 8.59
  2 Abby Childerley 7.32 Benedict Thomas 6.52 Michaela Bettridge 9.38 Sam Brockway 7.62
  3 Fenella Brooking 5.80 Lucas Pasche 5.81 Tallulah Jeffes 8.44 Oliver Miles 7.43
      0.75K   1K   1K   1.25K
Discus 1 Alina Eichhorst 18.28 Alexander Miles 21.43 Michaela Bettridge 19.03 Liam Reed 24.98
  2 Abby Childerley 15.07 Benedict Thomas 15.22 Lucy Bayliss 17.83 Scott Mathieson 20.18
  3 Gina Pethen 11.89     Lucy Torrance 16.13 Sam Brockway 18.43
      400g   400g   500g   600g
Javelin 1 Alina Eichhorst 21.18 Alexander Miles 34.12 Michaela Bettridge 20.57 Thomas Bushnell 36.03
  2 Helena Bruce 13.69 Frank Struthers 26.66 Abigail Woollett 17.48 Angus Ker 28.98
  3 Zara Hastings 12.19 Lucas Pasche 23.92 Emily Coulson 15.50 Oliver Miles 26.91
              3K   4K
Hammer 1         Michaela Bettridge 19.64 Daniel Thomas  26.43
  2         Lucy Torrance 17.22 Ben Kimber 18.41
  3         Lucy Bayliss 16.05 John Honigmann 11.20