Thu 3rd Aug 2017

Lynn McKeague wins the August Handicap by miles with only Dan Cunnington close

We had 19 runners out to contest the August Handicap including 2 event newbies in Will Platt and Paul Goodenough and we also welcomed Alex Parker and Andy Parkinson for their first appearances of the year.

There was lots of competitive running going on with no fewer than 13 runners meeting or beating their handicaps and 11 runners in the blanket finish "sweetspot".  

Fastest on the night was James Moore with 5'51, an improvement of 4 secs in his PB but stays at No.4 on the honours board.  Second fastest was Dan Cunnington also with a new PB of 6'10 which moves Dan up to No.11 and not to be outdone Matt Grote was third fastest also with a new PB of 6'13 and up to No.13 on the board.

An interesting night for the overall series as the top 3 going into tonight's race were all missing and taking a discard......despite having the night off Lloyd Dickson still leads the way but now from Robert Bryan and James Moore.  It does however squeeze things up a bit at the top of the standings and gives plenty scope for others to break through.

Watch this space for further updates with detailed results.

The next running of the handicap will be the first Thursday in September, ie the 7th. All welcome, meet at the track 18.45 for 19.00.