Adrian Haughton wins Harestock Handicap Jan 2018

Fri 5th Jan 2018 Steve Oliver

With 28 runners contesting the January race the 2018 handicap series is off to a great start. In a close finish Adrian Haughton won the handicap from Natalie Muska and Matt Grote.

Robert Bryan wins Harestock Handicap 2017 Series

Sat 16th Dec 2017 Steve Oliver

Robert Bryan won the Harestock Handicap Series for 2017 - the 6th such Handicap series.

Harestock Handicap Dec 2017 - Results

Thu 7th Dec 2017 Steve Oliver

Adrian Haughton was the winner of the December Handicap with Lynn McKeague in 2nd and Marc Lyne in 3rd

Rob Porter wins the November running of the Harestock Handicap

Thu 2nd Nov 2017 Steve Oliver

Rob Porter showed fine finishing speed to win the November handicap just sweeping by Karen Hazlitt in the finishing straight with Robert Bryan a fast finishing third.

Harestock Handicap October 2017

Thu 5th Oct 2017 Steve Oliver

Mikaela Price wins the October handicap - comfortably ahead of the fast finishing Matt Grote & James Moore

Harestock Handicap Sept 2017

Thu 7th Sep 2017 Steve Oliver

Steve Goodwin was a clear winner of the September handicap home and hosed before Colin McManus and Karen Hazlitt brought the rest of the pack home

Harestock Handicap Aug 2017

Thu 3rd Aug 2017 Steve Oliver

Lynn McKeague wins the August Handicap by miles with only Dan Cunnington close

Harestock Handicap July 2017

Fri 7th Jul 2017 Steve Oliver

Louise Snook won the July Handicap from Mikaela Price and Steve Oliver

June Harestock Handicap

Fri 2nd Jun 2017 Steve Oliver

Paul Oxley wins the June Handicap from Marie Kille and Jo Jefferies

Harestock Handicap - May 2017

Fri 5th May 2017 Steve Oliver

Liz Marshall won the May Handicap from Carrie Oliver and Joe Chick