Test Way Relay: good news and bad news

The bad news: sadly there will be no Test Way Relay this year as the previous organisers have retired.

The good news: there is every intention to get it back up and running for next year with a new organising committee.

Please get in touch with Jo Jefferies if you would like to be involved.  It's a fabulous event, much loved by all the clubs who enter - which is why everyone is getting together to make sure it keeps going.



Update on Test Way Relay

There is still a possibility this popular 8-leg multi-terrain relay will not go ahead this year, however a group of local clubs met and agreed to share out some of the organisation under the leadership of Sue Tizzard (Totton RC).

 Currently the preferred date for the event is;


This is still to be confirmed pending getting a licence and medical cover.

However, if you are interested in taking part - please hold the date and register your interest on the events page of the WADAC website.

I will update as soon as I know more!

Jo Jefferies


Welsh Castles Relay - Provisional Results and Race Report

20 intrepid WADAC athletes plus support crew travelled to Wales at the weekend to take part in the annual Welsh Castles Relay. 

We did great! There are many personal accounts and photos which we will try and collate and upload to the website as soon as possible, but for the time being I would like to say well done to all our inspirational athletes and supporters and  a massive thank-you (I'm sure on behalf of everyone who was there) to Sam and Andy Parkinson who did a fantastic job of making sure the weekend was flawlessy organised.

Provisional results indicate that we came a commendable 26th / 65 overall. Results are here:



Aldershot (SEAA) Road Relays - Dates for Diaries

Just a heads up that the 

Aldershot Road Relays, Incorporating SEAA Road Relay Championships.

The Relays will be held on the 19th and 20th of September 2015.

Usually the Juniors and the Ladies events are on the Saturday 19th and the Mens events are on the Sunday 20th.  Event "Sign-up" facilities will be available on our website in due course so keep an eye out for those but in the mean-time please pencil-in the date and try to make yourself available. 


Inaugural Hampshire Road Relays!

The inaugural Hampshire Road Relays will take place on Sunday 12 April at the 1000 Lakeside in Cosham. Seniors and veterans will compete in teams of 3 over a 6k course, while juniors in various age categories compete over 3k. Under 11s will have an individual 2k race in which teams will be counted.  You can view the poster here.  It promises to be a great day out.

Please could seniors let me know if they are interested in joining a team (email  Juniors please get in touch with your coaches.