Test Way Relay update

Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far - we have 22 names!

We need at least 24 for 3 teams, plus someone ALWAYS drops out, so extras are good!

 There has been a change in the change over location for leg 2/3. This is being finalised and more info will appear here as soon as we get it . In the mean time, if you signed up on a paper sheet, please either log into "events" and register yourself on the website or phone /  email me and let me know!

We still need a volunteer for timekeeping duties (every club needs to supply one  time-keeper, the event would not take place without them!). This is a great way to see all the runners coming through and keep on top of the progress of the WADAC teams.

Also, someone to takeover "managing" the team on race day as I cheekily fly out on holiday the day beforehand...... ( name your price - wine, beer or chocs or of course a healthy alternative of your choice!)



Les Croupiers RC are pleased to confirm that the dates for Welsh Castles Relay next year will be Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June 2015.

Put it in your diaries and don't plan anything for that weekend.

Andy & Sam


Test Way Relay 2014

Saturday September 13th 2014

The event is an 8-leg relay, legs of various lengths from approx. 6 to 12km. A superb race guide can be found here

The organisers are currently reviewing changeover points due to various issues with parking areas, so in order to keep the race and participants safe, a few of the legs may change as a result. We will notify you as soon as we have more detailed information and there will be full route details on the Totton RC website.

Males and females aged 15 and above can run, WADAC kindly covers the cost of entry so all you need to do at this stage is sign up. Registration is now open on the events section of the WADAC website.

WADAC usually enter 3 teams, a great way to meet club members you might not usually train with and see a bit of Hampshire! Everyone usually meets at the Salmon Leap pub where the race ends to cheer the last-leg runners in.

The route is not marshalled but does follow a marked footpath. The markers are small and easy to miss so all runners must recce their routes beforehand. This will be especially important this year if changes are made to changeover points. There are many "old hands" for this event in the club who can help with directions and the technologically minded may be willing to share Garmin routes. Females are allowed to run with a “guide” on the day (sexist I know) but can be useful!

Each club must also supply a timekeeper for one of the changeover points, this is a great way to see all the runners and keep on top of which club is in lead!

Unfortunately I will not be there on the day this year so I am also looking for a race day coordinator to keep in touch with runners on the day.

Please get in touch if you are interested in either of the last two tasks! Jo Jefferies



At present we are still short of runners for this event. Please do sign up if you are intending on running as registration needs to be completed by the 11th May.

Please follow the link to read the article on the event in this months Runners World if you are in any doubt as to what it entails. 

There is camping available in Caernarfon and Highgate (Nr Newtown). It is possible to do either day if you cannot manage the whole weekend and I am sure we can sort out lift sharing if required.

Runners World



The deadline for registering runners for Welsh Castles Relay is 11th May.

If you are considering running please do so without delay via the events page. The run takes place on the weekend of 7th/8th June. Currently we need at least 11 men and 8 ladies.