Training at a glance:
Tuesday - 6:30-8 Bar End Track - grass session
Wednesday - 6:45 River Park - social Run
Thursday - 6:45-8 Bar End Track - tempo run and social runs
Saturday - 8:00 River Park - long run (check with Coaches)
Saturday - 9:30 Farley Mount (check with Coaches)
Sunday - various runs - speak to coaches



Harestock Handicap - 2nd April 2015

Just a reminder that this Thursday will be the April event in the 2015 series of the Harestock Handicap....the first of the light nights when we can at last see where we are going and times are generally that wee bit better.  Meet at the track 18.45 for 19.00.  All welcome, we can make up handicaps on the night and even if this is your first time you can still win on the night.

Also a reminder that in some really close racing Adrian Field won the March race from Sam Brown and Naseem Fazel.  It's still very early in the overall series with lots of discards to come but at end March Charlie Hoskins leads from Vikki Langdon, Adrian Field and James Moore.



Grass session 31 March

The grass session will have the same structure as Alan's 1k/400 session, but will offer a few alternatives.

So - 4 or 5 sets of:

1k at marathon pace or threshold, then straight into 400m fast. 60 sec recoveries.

There will be a 400m grass loop. This means you have various choices:

-  1k on the road with Alan's group, then 400 on the grass rather than the track

-  800k on the grass, continung over to the top gate on the track (which will bring it to 1k) then 400 on the track

-  The whole lot on the grass.






Meet at track for warm up , club chat in Pavilion at 6.50pm , followed by drills , the session starts at 7.05pm.

Endurance session ; SETS of 1k around road loop , followed immediatley by 400 hard on the track .

Standard Endurance : 4 sets of 1k + 400 ( rec. 60 sec .walking )

Marathoners : 7 sets of 1k + 400 ( rec. 60 jogging )


2 X 20 MINS ( 3 MIN JOG )

OR : 3 X 10 MINS ( 2 MIN JOG )

Alan Coveney


Grass session 24 March

Good 10k session, this.  

3 sets of: (3 mins at 10k pace, 2 min jog, 2 mins @ 5k pace, 1 min jog, 1 min @ 1500m pace (ie hard), 30 secs static rest, 4 mins @ 10k pace).  4 mins between sets.





Meet at track for warm up , meet at 6.50pm. in pavilion for club chat .Followed by drills with Lou . Session starts at Run to Guildhall for mile reps.

 Using circuit around Cathedral -  4/5 x 1 mile ( 90 sec. recovery )

Marathoners - 4 x 1mile ( 90 jog recovery ) followed by 3 miles @ M.P. continuous  .


2 X 15 Mins with 5 min jog between .

OR ; 5 X 7 Mins ( 2 min jog )

Alan Coveney