Training at a glance:
Tuesday - 6:30-8 Bar End Track - grass session
Wednesday - 6:45 River Park - social Run
Thursday - 6:45-8 Bar End Track - tempo run and social runs
Saturday - 8:00 River Park - long run (check with Coaches)
Saturday - 9:30 Farley Mount (check with Coaches)
Sunday - various runs - speak to coaches



Water Meadows 20 - Sunday 1st March

The second Water Meadows 20 mile training run will take place on Sunday 1st March.

Where - starts in St Catherines Park and Ride, Winchester

When - Sunday 1st March 2015

Time - 8:45 Briefing, 9am start

Course - 4.1 mile loops, self navigated, no marshals:Bar End road, Black Boy, College St, Kingsagte St, St Faiths Road, Back Street, St Cross Road, viaduct cycle path to Garnier Road then in to St Catherines car park via the cycle route. 

Bonus - water/feed/motivation station in St Catherines Park and Ride car park (behind the loo block!)

This is a training run not a race, the number of laps you run is up to you, all particpate at thier own risk.

Volunteers are needed to help man the motivation station.  So if you plan a lap or two and are happy to man the station to allow others to have a run please let Karen Hazlitt know.



Grass session 24th Feb

Pyramid session this week:

2 mins, 3 mins, 4, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 mins. 60 secs between efforts.





Meet at Harestock (Junc.of Bradleyroad/Swanmore close) at 6.45 pm. Drills followed followed by session.

Using 1k loop.

1 k, 2k , 1k ,2k , 1k ( 90 rec..)

Marathoners jog rec. then 4K @ m.p.


March 3rd.; Track 800's

March 10th .: 1K +400'S Reps

March 17th. ; Track 800's

March 24th. :Mile reps -road

Thursday Threshold  :

3 x 15mins ( 2 min jog )

TOP TIP : When you become tired on a run focus on your arm drive .Your arms and legs work in sync. , so the faster your arms go , the faster your legs will go .Focus on not punching forwardwith your fists and drive back with your elbows and let your arms drift forward again.

Alan Coveney 


Grass session 17th Feb

Two sets of (6 x 400) as 300m hard, 100m jog recovery - continuous.  4 min recoveries between sets.





Meet at Harestock ( Junc. Bradley road/ Swanmore close ) at 6.45 for warm up .Drills @ 6.50 pm with Shirley.

Using 1K LOOP .

1K , 3K , 1K, 1K, 1K,  ( REC. 75 secs. & 2 mins after 3k .)

Marathoners jog on recoveries .Then 3k @ M.P.

Next 4 weeks ;

24/2 Harestock

3/3   track 800's plus mar. session

10 /3  Reps  :1K  + 400

17 /3  Track 800's + mar. reps.


4 X 10 Mins ( 2 min jog )


As  many runners are marathon training currently , make sure that diet is adequate .A healthy diet enables runners to train harder and recover faster . An important balance will include plenty of carbos ( fuel ) and fruit and vegetables which contain most of the vitamins and minerals which are required to efficiently burn glycogen to create energy .


Alan Coveney