Training at a glance:
Tuesday - 6:30-8 Bar End Track - grass session
Wednesday - 6:45 River Park - social Run
Thursday - 6:45-8 Bar End Track - tempo run and social runs
Saturday - 8:00 River Park - long run (check with Coaches)
Saturday - 9:30 Farley Mount (check with Coaches)
Sunday - various runs - speak to coaches



Harestock Handicap - 2nd July 2015

On another great night in the 2015 Handicap series we had 22 runners of whom 14 managed to meet or beat their handicaps and no fewer than 13 runners passed the post during the "blanket finish" (ie within 15 secs of par).  We had one absolute newbie - Tom Craggs - of whom more later and welcomed Lucy Elliott on her first handicap outng of the year, again more later.

Our winner on the night was Rhian Harrison showing massive improvement in her 2nd handicap outing and leading the race from start to finish....even the fast finishing Lucy Elliott couldn't quite catch her.   Rhian continues our amazing record of having a different winner each month this could be you next time.

On a great night for fast running we were treated to a new course records for both men and ladies.
Tom Craggs showed fine form to set a new mark of 5'50 on his event debut, now he knows the route there is more to come there. Lucy Elliott similarly looked very sharp in bettering her own previous best to set a new ladies record of 6'12, I fancy there is more to come there too. In total we had 9 runners under the 7 minute target including Lloyd Dickson getting his name on the honours board for the first time with 7'00 dead.

The overall standings are a moving picture with each event throwing up a new cocktail of scores and discards....there is yet no clear leader this year but in the July snapshot Steve Oliver heads the standings with Charlie Hoskins and James Moore close behind. 

The next race in the 2015 handicap series will be on the first Thursday of the month....the 6th August.  Meet at the track 18.45 for 19.00



Meet at track for warm up. Club chat at 6.50pm , then Drills followed by session @ 7.05pm.

Session :

2 SETS :

1200 , 800 , 400 , 200 Progessive pace session . (75  rec. )

3 Mins . between set .

Strides : 8 x 50m . walk back .


WK 1 ; Threshold + 400's

WK 2 : 400 'S Reducing sets

WK 3  :  2 Sets of Threshold +400's

WK.4 :  Sets of 1K + 400

Thursday Threshold - To be resumed soon

Alan Coveney






Meet at track for warm up .Club chat @6.50 pm . followed by Drills with Lou , the session starts at 7.05pm.  There will be a grass session (same as track session) led by Franklyn.

Session :

4 x 800 ( 90 ) , 4 x 400 ( 75 ) , 4 x 200 (60 )  2 .5 Mins between sets  .


Thursday threshold : with Rob Bryan

5 x 5 Mins  ( 2 Min jog between )

Next 4 Weeks :

WK 1.   2 Sets of pyramids

WK.2 .  Threshold followed by 400's

WK.3 .  Reducing sets of 400's

WK.3    Threshold plus 400's

Alan Coveney




Meet at track for warm up .Club chat @ 6.50 pm.followed by drills with Lou ,then session at 7.05pm.


3 SETS of 4 x 400  Reducing recoveries ( 60 , 45, 30 )  2 Mins between sets .

THURSDAY Threshold -resuming soon.

Autumn marathon training commences in mid-july


WK1.  Sets pyramids

WK2.  Reducing pyramids

WK3.  Threshold +400's

WK4.  Reducing sets 400's

Alan Coveney 



Meet at track for warm up .Club chat at 6.50pm followed by drills with Lou then session starts at 7.05pm.

2 SETS of   - 5 Mins threshold on grass followed by 5x 400 (60 rec. )  

3 Mins rec. between sets .

Next 4 weeks :

WK. 1    400 sets reducing rec.

WK.2     800's , 400's ,200's

WK.3     400's reducing rec.

WK.4     Pyramids

NOTE ; Athletes doing Autumn marathons ; There will be marathon training session starting in July.Contact me if participating .

Alan Coveney