Training at a glance:
Tuesday - 6:30-8 Bar End Track - grass session
Wednesday - 6:45 River Park - social Run
Thursday - 6:45-8 Bar End Track - tempo run and social runs
Saturday - 8:00 River Park - long run (check with Coaches)
Saturday - 9:30 Farley Mount (check with Coaches)
Sunday - various runs - speak to coaches


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Festive Furlong details - Tues 11th Dec 7pm sharp (drills beforehand as usual)

Once again we’re doing a special training event just before Christmas.  It’s a good training session and a chance to get to know a few other people in the club a bit better because the teams are mixed ability.   This is the fourth time we’ve done it and it’s really good fun way of running very fast without realising it.  There’s lots of shouting and cheering and is not to be missed.

If you’ve not done it before, do come along and give it a go.  It’s designed to suit everyone and involve everyone.  No one need feel they’re not up to it or too slow or any rubbish like that.

What is it?
A team relay, mixed ability teams of three, on the track:
8 x 400m, with 400 jog recoveries.

Team selection
As in previous years, we’ll ask everyone to line up according to their speed (use approx 10k race time as a rough guide) then put into each team someone from each end of the line plus someone from the middle. We’ll do everything we can to make the teams as balanced as possible.  We need your help here to make the teams work. There is no point in being modest and bashful about how fast you are - because it just makes the teams unbalanced.  The coaches might shuffle you about a bit .

How it’ll work:
It’ll be the same as last year:

•    Within your team decide who is person 1, 2 and 3. Make sure Alan has your team members’ names recorded on his clip board.
•    Person 1 starts with their first 400. When person 1 finishes their first 400, person 2 takes the baton and starts theirs. Meanwhile person 1 does another lap at a slower (eg threshold) pace.  
•    When person 2 finishes their first 400, person 3 takes the baton and starts theirs while person 2 continues with their recovery lap.  
•    Meanwhile person 1 finishes their recovery lap and has a rest until person 3 finishes their first 400, at which point person 1 starts their second fast 400.
•    And so on until each team member has run 8 x fast 400s and 7 recovery laps.
•    The winning team is the first to complete the lot – ie person 3 finishing their 8th fast 400.

A few things to consider:

•    For each of the 8 sets, your first 400 needs to be good quality ie 10k pace or faster (realistically everyone goes pretty much flat out). Your recovery lap should be at whatever pace suits your current training needs – at the minimum a slow jog.
•    If your team structure or your current strength/speed means that you won’t be able to complete a fast 400 and a recovery 400 without collapsing go for a short jog on the grass next to the track. The top gate (by the finish line/shot putt) will be open
•    Recovery times between your recovery lap and next fast lap will be erratic – sorry...

•    Teams are responsible for counting their own laps

  • You might want to wear something a bit festive
  • There will be a lot of people on the track, especially around the start/finish area so our track etiquette will need to be spot on.  Please keep your head when you finish your efforts and do everything you can not to endanger or trip up any other track users.

This will be a tough session for those that want a tough session.  There is always the option of doing some threshold afterwards if anyone wants more (eg you could run up to the tennis club for the Christmas meal...?).

We’ll aim to start the session at the same time as usual, although clearly there’ll be a bit of organising to do first. So, please try and get there early as poss.  We want to be slick because afterwards it’s the Christmas party!

Don’t forget we can shower and change at the tennis club where the party is being held. Showers are also available in the changing rooms at the track.

We look forward to seeing you!


Lou and Alan