Training at a glance:
Tuesday - 6:30-8 Bar End Track - grass session
Wednesday - 6:45 River Park - social Run
Thursday - 6:45-8 Bar End Track - tempo run and social runs
Saturday - 8:00 River Park - long run (check with Coaches)
Saturday - 9:30 Farley Mount (check with Coaches)
Sunday - various runs - speak to coaches


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Grass session - 5 March

Lou is away but the grass session is still happening.  Please bring a watch so that you can time your own efforts and recoveries. The non-marathon session is done on time so that it works however big the grass circuit is.

If someone could get hold of a whistle or something it would help, but you'll need to coordinate with David Vosser and Pete Spellman (and poss Michaela's/John O'Shea's group) if they're using whistles on the track, too.  I know I can leave it to you all to work out a way of signalling the time, but if you all have a watch it should be much easier. Start and finish your efforts together, from the same place.


Two sets of (2 mins, 3 mins, 5 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins). 60 sec static recoveries.  3 mins between sets.

Pace: The shorter the effort the faster the pace.  Aim to make your 5 min efforts 10k pace.


6 or 7 x 1k at marathon pace or just above.  3 mins jog recoveries.

Enjoy it! You can be safe in the knowledge that I'm giving my legs a hard time out here in Lanzarote.