HRRL Overton 5 open for entries

Please note that the first race of the HRRL 2016/17 Season - the Overton 5 on Sunday 4th Sept - is now open for entries here:

This race always sells out so please get your entry sooner rather than later so that we have a super-strong Winchester presence come race-day.

This also means that as well as writing on your calendars you can now book yourself in for all of the HRRL races this year:
1)      Overton 5 - 4th September 2016 -
2)      Solent Half - 9th October 2016 -
3)      Gosport Half - 20th November 2016 -
4)      Hayling 10 - 27th November 2016 -
5)      Victory 5 - 4th December 2016 -
6)      Stubbington 10k - 15th January 2017
7)      Ryde 10 - 5th February 2017?
8)      Salisbury 10 - 5th March 2017
9)      Eastleigh 10k - 19th March 2017
10)   Alton 10 - 7th May 2017
11)   Netley 10k - Date TBC - 21st May 2017?
12)   Lordshill 10k - Date TBC - 11th June 2017?

See you all this evening (Thurs 7th) for the HRRL Grand Prix Awards evening at the Queen Inn!
Presentations from about 9pm.


Grand Prix Awards and Pub Night

Note for your diaries: Thursday 7 July, 8.30, Queen Inn, 28 Kingsgate Street.  It will not only be Pub of the Month, but it will be the annual Grand Prix awards for participants in the Hampshire Road Race League.

The Grand Prix places can be found here.

There will also be an award for the most improved runner, to be announced on the night.

This is always a great opportunity to reminisce about the HRRL - remember the gale at the Gosport Half? The Victory 5 was not much better. The women won the A league for the 13th year in a row. (I will bring the trophy.) Can the men improve on second place?

Food orders will be taken until 9pm.  The awards will be given between 9pm and 9.30pm.

See you then.



HRRL 2016/17 Fixtures - Hot off the press!!

Following last night's HRRL AGM I am pleased to announce that the 2016/17 season will be composed of the following races:

1)    Overton 5 - 4th September 2016
2)    Solent Half - 9th October 2016 -
3)    Gosport Half - 20th November 2016 -
4)    Hayling 10 - 27th November 2016 -
5)    Victory 5 - 4th December 2016 -
6)    Stubbington 10k - 15th January 2017
7)    Ryde 10 - 5th February 2017
8)    Salisbury 10 - 5th March 2017
9)    Eastleigh 10k - 19th March 2017
10)  Alton 10 - 7th May 2017
11)  Netley 10k - Date TBC
12)  Lordshill 10k - Date TBC

I have included links for those that are already open for entries so that you can get yourself booked in. For the others the dates should probably be taken as provisional but I believe them to be pretty certain.

The main changes for this season are that the Lordshill 10 Mile is not happening due to building work on the course. This has therefore been replaced with another 10 Miler - the Hayling 10.
And as the Lordshill 10 Mile is not on the schedule it was decided to add the Lordshill 10k (in June) and for this to replace the less popular D-Day 10k.
The Overton 5 Mile season opener will be run on a slightly different route this year to abide by the council's desire to avoid certain roads in the town.

One minor drawback with this schedule are that Gosport, Hayling and Victory are on consecutive weeks but it was still considered the most favoured outcome from the options available, and I'm sure you'll all be fine if you just put your feet up between these races!

So send these dates to your families straight away and explain that everything else in life will have to fit in around them



HRRL Grand Prix - 2015/2016

The Grand Prix pages have been updated for the end of the season. Congratulations go to all the following award winners. The Awards Ceremony will be after the training session on Thursday 7th July at the Queen Inn in a marquee.

Men's Main competition: 1st = Simon Stevens, 2nd = James Moore, 3rd = Ian Debnam

Women's Main competition: 1st = Sarah Shedden, 2nd = Natalie Cain, 3rd = Sarah Gurney

Men's Age-adjusted competition: 1st = Steve Goodwin, 2nd = Jonathan Kane, 3rd = Steve Oliver

Women's Age-adjusted competition: 1st = Jo Curtis, 2nd = Lynne Whitaker, 3rd = Sally Easton

Runners completing all 12 out of 12 races: Dave Walker and Saul Duck

Most improved runner to be announced at the Awards Evening.


Hampshire Road Race League end of season results published

I'll let Simon send a proper update but just to let you know that the HRRL tables have all been updated following the final race of the season - the (very warm) D-Day 10k last Sunday.
All the results can be found here:

A huge well-done to the ladies for winning the A-Division (again!) and with our ladies B and C teams coming first and second in the B-Division. A superb achievement.

Congratulations also to the men for holding on to come second in the A-Division (behind Lordshill) and the gents B and C teams coming second (behind Lordshill B!) and eighth respectively in the B-Division.

Many thanks to everyone that took part in any of the HRRL races this season with a special mention to those that ran seven races or more to gain a place in the ladies and men's individual league tables:


Natalie Cain



Simon Stevens


Sarah Shedden


Ian Debnam


Lynne Whitaker


James Moore


Sarah Gurney


Mark Curtis


Joanna Curtis


Steve Oliver


Sally Easton


Matt Lane


Melissa Callister


Saul Duck


Gill Goodwin


Steve Goodwin




Eli Dawson




Christopher Stocks




Mark Wilson




David Walker


The exciting WADAC Grand Prix final results will follow soon, as will details of the HRRL 2016/17 season fixtures.