2015 WADAC Grand Prix awards evening

The WADAC Grand Prix awards were held on 25 June at the Queen Inn.  The awards – ably put together by Andy Carton – go to those who accumulate the most points for WADAC in the Hampshire Road Race League.  There is an age-adjusted league, a prize for the most improved and for anyone who shows enough commitment to do all 12 of the races.

For the women, the winners this year Lynne Whitaker, Natalie Cain and Sarah Gurney, and with age adjustment Jo Curtis, Shirley Dyson-Laurie and Joy Radford.  For the men, Simon Stevens, John Gore and Chris Setters headed the senior awards, with Toby Lambert, Martyn West and Steve Goodwin coming out top after the age adjustment.

Standing out as the most improved this year was Susan Bryan.  Four minute improvements at the Lordshill 10 and Gosport Half and a two minute gain at the Eastleigh 10K were good examples of her excellent season.

Both John Gore and Jo Curtis managed to run all 12 races, even if John had to hobble through the D-Day 10K! 


Epic video diary of Malcolm completing the West Highland Way 100

Congratulations to Malcolm Green who completed the 2015 WHW 100 (West Highland Way 100) in 21 hours, 30 minutes and 50 seconds last weekend. The target was 'sub' 22 hours. A brilliant brilliant effort, well done Malcolm.


HRRL Grand Prix - 2014/2015

The Awards Evening will be Thursday 25 June at The Queen Inn. Meeting from 8pm, Awards from 9pm.

Congratulations go to all the following award winners.

Men's Main competition: 1st = Simon Stevens, 2nd = John Gore, 3rd = Chris Setters

Women's Main competition: 1st = Lynne Whitaker, 2nd = Natalie Cain, 3rd = Sarah Gurney

Men's Age-adjusted competition: 1st = Toby Lambert, 2nd = Martyn West, 3rd = Steve Goodwin

Women's Age-adjusted competition: 1st = Jo Curtis, 2nd = Shirley Dyson-Laurie, 3rd = Joy Radford

Runners completing all 12 out of 12 races: John Gore and Jo Curtis

Most improved runner to be announced at the Awards Evening.


The Grand Prix pages have been updated for the end of 2014/15 season.


HRRL Grand Prix – Netley 10k

The Grand Prix pages have been updated for the Alton 10 and the Netley 10k.

These pages can be found at any time by following the menu path: SENIORS - WADAC HRRL Grand Prix.


Photos from recent HRRL races

Thanks to Alan Coveney for taking these photos.

I am sure I will get better and knowing how to present them, but hopefully you will all like these.

Alton 10


Netley 10k (I could do it with my eyes closed!)

 More Alton photos

Alan got out the of the way just before Kathy socked him one

 Still running with my eyes closed


Some real effort, 500 yards from the start (only joking, I think this is near the finish)


Toby what won it for us.