HRRL Grand Prix – Stubbington 10k 

The Grand Prix pages have been updated for the Stubbington 10k.

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Stubbington 10K results

Stubbington 10K results are available here.

58 WADAC athletes turned out, which is amazing.  Well done to all of you.  I know there was a host of pbs. Few can have done better than George King just ahead of me and 4 minutes ahead of his old self! Great to see Calum Upton coming up through the juniors and breaking 35 minutes - having raced cross country yesterday and qualified for the nationals I believe.

Glitches in the results system meant I could not stay for the prizes, but looks like we won men's and women's teams.  The women also won vets team - it looks like they could have one it several times over! The men had a hugely encouraging 6 finishing in under 35:30.

Last but not least, Toby Lambert won!  I gather it was a tussle at the front. He ended up beating his AFD rival by just 6 seconds.

The Ryde 10 is next, on 1 February.  See the website for travel instructions.  And don't forget to enter (click on the links for entry details) the Salisbury 10 on 8 March and Eastleigh 10K on 22 March before they fill up!


Ryde 10 Ferry Arrangements, Sunday 1 Feb

The Ryde 10 is on Sunday 1 February at 11 a.m.  This is a lovely, scenic race, normally quite low key and where we can make up a lot of points on our road race rivals by a strong turn out.

Every year the club pays for WADAC members to take the ferry to the Isle of Wight for this one.  The easiest way to do this is to all meet at the port and for somebody (me!) to buy the tickets on your behalf.  There are often deals at this time of year for multiple bookings, so it pays the club for everybody to go together.

These are the important arrangements to enable me to do that.

Meeting Point and Time

We meet at Portsmouth Harbour Ferry Terminal (Google map here, postcode PO1 3PS).  You can get there by car and park in one of the approach roads.  These get quite full up as the ferry time approaches.  Please try to share transport, both for environmental reasons and because parking gets tight.  Portsmouth Harbour also has a train station.

Everyone should aim to be there by 8.45.  The catamaran leaves at 9.15 and I will queue for tickets at 8.45 for those who have arrived.  The ferry leaves only once and hour, so if you miss this one you will struggle to make the race, given it is a bit of a walk to the start from Ryde ferry terminal.

Location of the start

Should you take a different ferry to Ryde terminal, to get to the start walk along the esplanade to the shore turn left and stick to the coast road until you get to the Ryde Rowing Club.  The start is a short walk away.

Late entries

Entries are accepted on the day subject to race limits, which are not normally met.  Ryde Harriers has information on their website (

Return journeys

I will determine distribution of tickets for return journeys on the day, depending on the types of ticket I buy.  For example last year people needed to return in twos.  The catamaran will leave at 47 minutes past each hour.


(Mobile number: 07905 741037)


WADAC Water Meadows 20 Run- Sunday 1st March

The WADAC Water Meadows 20 will take part again on Sunday 1st March - keep the date free.  As with last year this is a free, open to all, organised run (not a race) starting in St Catherines Park and Ride and taking in laps of St Cross and the water meadows (approx 4.1 miles per lap, with an option to cut short).  It is up to you how many laps you do.

Its a great way to get a long run in with company and the added bonus of the manned water/feed station in St Catherines car park.

Come along to the car park at 8:45 for the briefing with the run starting at 9.  Please bring your own drinks/snacks for the water station.

We welcome any volunteers to help man the water station, so if you are planning a few laps then perhaps you would man the station for a few?  That way we all get to have a run.

Happy training.


Malcolm Green back from Patagonia - North Face Ultra Challenge

Clarendon Marathon to Sovev Emek, Israel 100km to Patagonia, Argentina 50km

Clarendon marathon was planned to be my last event in 2014, but after the celebration of Steve’s 100th marathon in October and the inspiration this gave, I thought I would end the year with two very different ultra-challenges.

Sovev Emek, Israel 100km (23rd/24th October 2014)

Chicken soup was the novelty of this 3 lap 100km race in northern Israel, served hot with noodles at the highest point of each lap.  I love running in Israel as my friends and family come out and support me – finishing an ultra without a hug is tough!  The challenge was running over dry desert terrain, through the night and finishing before the mid-morning hot sun gets you.  My modest aim was 12 hours.

The start at 9pm included fire-works. I started slow and almost immediately began eating my supplies of pasta, salami, fried fish, parmesan cheese, grapes and salty crisps – most of the Israelis passing me shouted encouragement, I think out of pity, as it looked as I was already eating “comfort food”- but I knew I would be meeting many of them again in a few hours!  In fact, many runners gave up at the end of lap 2 – the temptation to stop the pain being so great – luckily for me the possibility of stopping with a lap to go never crossed my mind and is not an option!

I finished in 12hr 11min, each lap taking almost exactly the same time - I blame the chicken soup for adding a few minutes per lap.  19th from 73 finishes; 1st 50 Vet.

North Face Ultra Challenge, Patagonia Argentina 50km (23rd November 2014)

The title of the first runner from the northern hemisphere is unfortunately under-rated and seldom celebrated – basically all I had to do was finish the race.  I’d already travelled through Peru and Chile with work and decided to get the overnight 22 hour train across Southern Argentina to Bariloche in Patagonia – near the start of the race.  Bariloche is in the Andes and is famous for chocolate, steaks and Nazis (supposedly they moved to Bariloche after WW11 as it resembled the Alps).

At race registration they insisted on a note from my doctor to certify I was OK to run – eventually a doctor runner came to my rescue, looked inside my mouth and signed the declaration!

I thought about swapping to the 80km race but was glad not to have changed - as the course was tough – up a few mountains covered in thick snow and we had a horrendous heavy snow storm near one of the peaks.  Down in the valley it was sunny and hot – we wadded across fast flowing rivers and up and down through thick forests along narrow muddy paths above a huge blue lake.  Suddenly the wind picked up again and it started to rain; I didn’t notice as I was focused on trying to catch up with the runner in front – just in case he/she was born in the northern hemisphere.  Finished in 8 hr 36 min; 2nd 50 Vet and 65th from 348 finishes.


For more photos click here.