WADAC women win the Victory 5

The Victory 5, second race in the Hampshire Road Race League took place this morning in warm and breezy conditions.  WADAC women won the team prize once again - Kathy Bailey, Lucy Elliott and Sam Parkinson.

Kathy, Lucy, and Jo Curtis all won vets prizes.

Martyn West and I won men's vet prizes.

It was great to see a number of juniors taking part and posting very good times.

The men's A team suffered from a no-show and then Martin Mannion pulling up two miles in with achilles problems.  Peter Mitchell, Ian Debnam and Calum Upton all posted strong times but it was not enough against Stubbington, Denmead and Southampton today.  The was a good packing of runners just behind them. Wishing Martin a good recovery for the vets relay team next weekend.

Particular thanks to those who ran today despite also doing the Test Way relay yesterday. I know that includes Lucy, John Gore, Martyn West and no doubt Steve and Carrie Oliver.


HRRL Grand Prix – Overton 5 

Ryan Snell won the most improved award for last year. The awards and all the results are available here: Previous years' pages. This year's results have been updated for Overton 5 and are here: Grand Prix pages. These can be found at any time by following the menu path: SENIORS - WADAC HRRL Grand Prix.


WADAC on Marathon Talk podcast

Following club member, Marc Lyne's completion of UTMB (more detail and video here), he had a great interview with Martin Yelling and Tom Williams on Marathon Talk. Here is a link to the Podcast: episode 243

Marathon talk is a great resource for all us runners, a new episode is published every Wednesday. Tom and Martin cover the main running news of the week and interview key running personalities / achievers / champions etc every week. You can download each episode easily on your iPhone, Android phone or MP3 player just like many tens of thousands of runners world wide do every week.

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UTMB - Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

So what was it like...?
Here is a short video:
And here is my race card... a small laminated card that I made that enabled me to see how close I was to a 43 hour finish (3 hours inside the cut-off). I created the target times by averaging the times of 4 runners from last year that finished in 43 hours (top of the bottom 3rd of finishers). I was spot on these times till late on the Saturday afternoon when for some unknown reason I dropped an hour and then nearly 2 hours, before pulling back an hour in the last 2 climbs. 


Memories of UTMB (Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc) and things to change / remember for the future:

- To qualify I needed 7 UTMB points, which I got from the following recognised races:
2012 Goretex Transalpine Run - Ruholding Germany, through Austria finishing in Italy (Sexten) - 3 points
Ultra trail SouthWest 60 miles (north cornwall coastal path, – Endurance Life - 2 points
South Downs Way Ultra 50 miles - Centurion - 2 points


The Event: epic event, very very well organized in a fantastic location - Chamonix is alive
Crowd support every where ‘bravo’ ‘bravo’ ‘bravo Marc’
Every town, every hamlet every house on route support the runners, cow bells, whistles, horns, loud music, bands..
What a finish line… right through the town people cheering, clapping, I felt like a superstar

Great to hear that my family at home saw me finish on the streaming video feed

Personal performance: 44 hours estimated heart rate 110 to 160 for the whole race

Marc's training:
2 core classes per week
1 sometimes 2 trx classes per week
2 longish runs per week (15 to 20 miles)
2 to 4 other runs per week (6 to 10 miles)

West Highland Way 100, last 35 miles supporting Malcolm Green in his epic achievement of sub 24 hours
Reps Beacon Hill (usable 85m), St catherines hill 66m (usable 42m)

Support throughout the race: Richard Longden did a fantastic job supporting me, he drove hundreds of miles around Mont Blanc getting to all the regulation approved feed stations and what a welcome sight he was.

Seeing Rob Houghton at Courmayeur, I remember him saying ‘you are doing well you will finish’, the words ‘you will finish’ stuck with me. He finished in 11th place in the TDS race earlier in the week, 3rd vet. – real confidence boost

Next time I am supporting a friend running in an ultra, never under estimate how much of a welcome sight you are, even if you only say 10 words, fill one water bottle and see them for 30 seconds, its such a confidence boost.

After the race my foam roller has been a miracle machine.

Knowing what to get in the feed stations and getting out quickly saved me hours and meant I finished inside the ‘cut off’.

The achievement of finishing only starts to register the following morning.

Wider support: The support from family, friends and work colleagues has been amazing – Alistair Crew at David Lloyd Studio in Winchester, personal trainer for strength and conditioning, WADAC for knowledge, experience, encouragement and training partners, my wife feeding me.. washing my dirty kit, and looking after the kids when I am away running another training event, my son (lucas) and daughter (klara) who often come out training with me… its been a real team effort, without them all I would not have completed – also I cant underestimate the help Marathon Talk and Talk Ultra podcasts have given me in terms of advise and enthusiasm.  

Finished in position 1186 and bib number was 1186 (44:00:25)

I listened to my ipod for 30 hours+,  2 episodes of Marathon Talk, 2 episodes of Talk Ultra, 2 audio books...   

Psychology: in the first three quarters of the race don’t ever think about the distance or time remaining, focus on what it will be like to finish – essential to pre visualize how you are going to handle those thoughts

Physical: feet very swollen having just had the best nights sleep ever

Inside of my left knee, insertion point pain for the last 20+ hours of the race gave me some pain (on Tuesday saw Michaela McCallum for physio and needles, brilliant)

Next time, always train with a fully laden pack, I had some lower back pain that I think could have been avoided.

Change socks and shoes regularly, after the first nights down poors my feet felt sore, but OK, then I took my shoes and socks off early Sunday morning, what a mess, 4 compedes and some fresh socks required

Take more of a variety of food in the support bag (my main diet was Hammer Pepetuem which is very good, and I did have real food bags which Richard gave me, but rice, barley, salami, boiled egg, tomato, olives became unpalatable. Whereas, milk, nectarine, cherry tomato and rasberries became very palatable...)

At the end my teeth felt like they had been pebble-dashed, next time add a tooth brush to drop bag or supporters kit bag.

Broke the sole of my shoes.

At least half the competitors were wearing Hoka’s and loving them, buy some.

Do more training to build up quads, mine took a big hit on the very first decent…

First ascent so many competitors being sick.

Competitors sleeping on route.

So many people got it wrong.

No substitute for training in the mountains.


Overton 5: great start for WADAC

We made a great start to the 2014/15 Hampshire Road Race League at Overton today, winning men's and women's team competitions.

It was fantastic to see Toby Lambert heading the men's team for the first time in a while and winning in 25:20.  In the ladies' event, despite injury concerns Kathy Bailey was second.

It was also a brilliant turnout so well done everyone who came and to the many I spoke to for whom this was a first go at this tough course.

The Victory 5 next Sunday is much easier as it is very flat.  It looks like on-line entry is still open here:  We seem to be short of the 9 ladies we need to make 3 teams so if you are thinking of running it please enter in the next day or two.