Interested in joining us?

This page pulls together all the info that will be useful if you’re thinking of trying out WADAC (Winchester & District AC).

We’re very happy for you to try us out before you commit to joining – in fact we’d encourage you to - all standards/speeds/experiences are welcome.  Then, when you’ve been to two or three sessions, we ask you to join the club before doing any more.   When trying us out, you have various options, depending on what you want to do within the club – race, train, have someone to run with or all three.

For information about potential new junior members, please go to the juniors section

Most of the specific information on this page is aimed at endurance running - ie road running, cross country, road relays etc.  For more info on Track & Field please go the the Track & Field section.

Benefits of joining

  • Coaching and sessions from UKA-qualified coaches - free to members (no track fee even)
  • Free entry to league events - cross country (year round), track and field, road and cross country relays
  • Cheaper entry to road races
  • 15% discount at Alton Sports (Alton and Farnham) and Just Run, Eastleigh
  • Camaraderie - at races, training, training runs and other events
  • Subsidised strength and conditioning classes
  • UKA coach and official qualification opportunities. We need coaches and officials for our growing membership and the club will pay for your training
  • A chance to run in the legendary Welsh Castles Relay
  • Social events, occasional trips abroad to race (Amsterdam and Italy in recent years)
  • A chance to gain a club place for the Virgin London Marathon
  • Funding possibilities for athletes with proven potential (our Podium Awards)
  • and more...

All this for £70 a year (for junior and  senior membership) - less than £1.50 per week.

What sessions do we offer senior endurance runners?

Sessions at a glance:

Tuesday: quality/ strenghth /endurance
Wednesday: club social run ( Not on 17th.August )
Thursday: threshold run and variety of club runs (incl. monthly handicap )
Saturday: long run and occasional hill sessions


Tuesday: quality/endurance sessions

On Tuesdays we offer a variety of coached sessions, depending on the time of year, that includes hillwork, speed endurance and strength endurance. The sessions take place on grass and track (both based at the track at the Winchester Sports Stadium at Bar End, Winchester) or on specific road circuits round the city. Coaches are Alan Coveney and Lou Walker (contact details below).

There is always either a grass or track-based session on a Tuesday. The alternative road-based sessions and hill work tend to happen in Autumn and Spring. From April to December , all sessions are based from  the track.

The sessions are suitable for fit runners of all levels and can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Meeting arrangements for Tuesday sessions:

Meet at the club house at the track at 6.30. Drills at 6.50 ready to start at 7pm.

The form is that everyone organises their own warm up jog around the field or local streets then joins together for drills at 6.50 ready to start at 7pm.

If you would like to come along to a session, contact Alan Coveney  or Lou Walker  beforehand so that we can look out for you.Please note this is for Seniors only and therefore cannot help with  Junior information at all. 

A note about Tuesday sessions

Speedwork, whether on the road, track or grass, is hard on the legs and you need to build up to doing a full session gradually.  So if you’re looking to improve your speed or fitness, please don’t assume that Tuesday sessions are your only option. For example, it can be great training to start off with one of the social runs and try joining a group that runs slightly faster than you’re used to.  When you do start Tuesday sessions, be prepared to take a conservative approach and not do the full session straight away – much safer for your legs in the long term. The coaches will guide you.


Wednesdays and Thursdays: club social runs

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings there are several fluid groups of different speeds/distance who decide on the night where/how far/how fast they’re going.    New members are very welcome to come and join us on either of these evenings. You can just turn up on the night but probably better to contact Alan Coveney  or Lou Walker  beforehand so that we can look out for you.   This is particularly important in Summer also because, there are Summer races ( RR10's) some weeks . On these occasions   there may be low numbers  .

On Wednesdays the shortest time you can expect to be out is around an hour, although there are usually opportunities to cut the run short whatever distance the rest of the group is doing. (In practice this often happens later in the runs as people peel off to run home rather than back to the start.) To give you a rough idea of pace on a Wednesday, the slowest paced group might be around 9.30 minute/mile-ish.

Wednesday, River Park Leisure Centre, 6.50 for 7.10pm departure (directions):  meet upstairs outside the children’s ball play area. ( N.B. - NOT MEETING IN AUGUST )

See this flyer about Wednesday and Saturday runs for more information.

Thursday, Clubhouse at Winchester Sports Stadium track (directions). Meet at 6.45 for 7pm departure.

On Thursdays there are two or three groups go out for a social run:

  • The 30 minute run group is an occasional group for people who are newish to running or a bit rusty. If you want to do a bit more than 30 mins, a few people usually do an optional extra 15 or 20 mins afterwards bring the total time closer to an hour.  This is a great stepping stone to the other Weds and Thursday night club runs. Ask for Gill Goodwin.
  • The 'Threshold' group is a mixed ability group that does a threshold/long interval session around the town.  Threshold pace running is a key component of any endurance training and the session plan is set by Alan.   
  • The 'medium pacers' group is a mixed ability bunch who do an hour plus at 8-9 min/mile pace. As with all groups, faster runners loop back round to the slower runners so that everyone more or less stays together, while running at their own pace. The medium pacer group inserts some sort of optional, quality effort each week, ranging from the 'Harestock Handicap' (1 mile) to hill repeats, fartlek etc.  All light-hearted and guaranteed to get your heart rate up. Ask for Steve Oliver.


Important! During the winter high viz clothing of some sort is essential.  In the spring/summer there are some great runs over the Downs and further afield.  We always make sure new people are accounted for, looked after and not lost.

Other weekly runs

  • Saturdays – long, slow run, meet outside River Park Leisure Centre at 8am. See this flyer about Wednesday and Saturday runs for more information.
  • Saturdays in the winter  – hill training at Farleigh Mount or Fleming Park, Easteigh. Usually an 8.30, 9.00 or 9.30am start.  N.B. Need to liaise with coach as to times or race dates .

With sessions based at the track, please park in the Park and Ride at Bar End and walk across to the track on the path next to the football pitches. 

If you would like to come along to a session, just contact Alan Coveney  or Lou Walker  beforehand so that we can look out for you!


Beginners and improvers

From time to time we run courses for total beginners. If there is demand we also run courses for people who are perhaps relatively new to running and want to tackle their first 5k or 10k race. If this sounds like you, please contact Moyna Lee.  You might also be interested in the info in this: Just caught the running bug? Wondering if you're ready to join a club?

Alternatively, the 30 minute group on a Thursday (see above) is a fantastic way to ease your way into club running. This group is perfect if you haven't run for a while or have recently completed a beginners course that gets you up to running for half an hour or 5k.

Membership Fees 2015-16



Juniors <11


Juniors >11






Vets >65


2nd claim



Paid by Club


Paid by Club



NB. The above fees include the EA registration fee for competing athletes (£15)

The fee is set by England Athletics and collected on their behalf by the club.