Thu 20th Jun 2019

The SOS session will be a summer favourite.....the extreme version of the Midsomer Madness session on Chilcomb hill

I know it's the third Thursday and you might be expecting some Third Thursday Thresholds but because of the rain last week we did some Thecond Thursday Thresholds so...…..methinks it's time for our "extreme madness" hill session!

Don't be put off by the name it's not as tough as it the usual SOS format:
Social run to suitable exercise area
Something of Substance once we get there
Social run back

Depending on daylight, numbers in the group and training plans/appetite we might have 2 options for the run back - if you think you might fancy the longer one (up and over the golf course) please note we might get back a bit later than usual and the paths might be a bit overgrown!

Meet at the track 18.45 for 19.00, the SOS session is only one of the training options available on a Thursday night. Importantly as ever there will also be a threshold session so if you have your heart set on a "third Thursday threshold" you can do that.