Wed 4th Oct 2017

Wednesday 4th October at the Queen Inn

The awards presentation evening for the 2016/17 HRRL Grand Prix has been arranged for Wednesday 4th October at the Queen Inn from about 8pm onwards.

Apologies that this is both a little bit late to be celebrating the 16/17 season and also quite short notice, however other commitments force me to roll that way ;-)

Some tables have been booked at the pub and I hope to be able to forward their menu soon so that those that wish to eat can pre-order.

Prize winners are:

Men's Main competition: 1st = James Moore, 2nd = Joe Chick, 3rd = Simon Stevens

Women's Main competition: 1st = Sarah Gurney, 2nd = Sarah Shedden, 3rd = Kath Bailey

Men's Age-adjusted competition: 1st = Steve Oliver, 2nd = Jonathan Kane, 3rd = Bruce Ayling

Women's Age-adjusted competition: 1st = Lynne Whitaker, 2nd = Jo Curtis, 3rd = Joy Radford

The Most Improved Runner: To be announced on the night

Runners completing all 12 out of 12 racesJames Moore and Saul Duck

Please try and come along to support those that have won and certainly if you’ve won a prize yourself!
And above all it’s just a fine excuse to celebrate.

Many thanks.