Lordshill10K2018 Cropped

Tue 24th Jul 2018

The list of races that make up the 2018/19 season of the HRRL has been published and many are already open for entries and selling fast - please sign yourself up to as many as you can.

The races in the HRRL 2018/19 season are as follows:

1) Overton 5 - 2nd September 2018

2) Solent Half - 23rd September 2018

3) Gosport Half - 18th November 2018

4) Victory 5 - 2nd December 2018

5) Stubbington 10K - 13th January 2019

6) Ryde 10 - 3rd February 2019

7) Fleet Half - 17th March 2019

8) Salisbury 10 - 14th April 2019

9) Alton 10 - 12th May 2019

10) Netley 10K - 19th May 2019

11) Alresford 10K - 16th June 2019

12) Lordshill 10K - 23rd or 30th June 2019

We did really well last year but could have finished even higher if we'd had more commitment at the races early in the season. The four races before the end of this year are all open for entries and the links to do so are included above.
It is particularly important for us to get a good turn-out and perform well at the Solent Half Marathon. The date of this race clashes with a number of other events which is a shame, however this can be used to our advantage as rival clubs are likely to be light on numbers in that race so a good WADAC turn-out would guarantee that a strong league placing can be banked.

For anyone new to this - as a member of the club you are expected to represent WADAC in races and for road runners the HRRL is the primary way to do this. You don't have to be super fast (though if you are that's great) - it's mainly about getting a good number of entrants. And if you do all 12 races in the season then you get a trophy from WADAC and a rather splendid T-shirt from HRRL! Anyone doing 7 or more races will get a mug from HRRL with their name and individual league placing listed and of course there are prizes at each race and the WADAC Grand Prix competition to boot. What's not to love.

Any questions let me know on hrrl@wadac.org.uk 

Many thanks.