Sun 23rd Dec 2018

Long Run in company - relatively flat water meadows loops Meet in East Winchester P&R SO23 9NP, near the toilet/amenity block Ready to run at 08.30

The Long Run is a key part of the training week and a session much enhanced by having some company and conversation to help the miles go by. 

In essence a 4-5 mile loop run clockwise along the muli-use path in front of St Catherines Hill, over the viaduct, back along St Cross Rd and round Winchester College back to the carpark. 

The Water Meadows offer good path and road surfaces, level ground and a variety of different route and looping combinations - different pace groups might use longer or shorter loop options but you should always be able to find someone of your pace and/or distance appetite to pass some time & miles with.  

This is a self-guided session where runners will naturally gravitate into pace groups and stop/start/structure their runs as suits their training needs.  The faster runners may well bomb off but there will usually be others around your own pace and you can always take a shorter loop option to make them pass you again.  Equally do feel to join the session later if you wish and intercept others on their way round.  Generally the run goes clockwise so late starters might like to run anti-clock and so meet up with the group head-on!