Sun 14th Jun 2020

The BMAF Road Relays will be held as a virtual 5k relay competition with 5k legs run as an individual time trial in the period 14th-20th June 2020. Open to all first claim runners over 35 (on 20th June), we race as WADAC teams, no need for a Vets Club 2nd claim. ENTRIES via the Opentrack System

In light of the Coronavirus restrictions the BMAF Road Relays will not be held on Sat 16th May at Sutton Park Birmingham but will be a virtual timetrial event with runners completing their 5k legs in the period 14th-20th June 2020.

Depending on the age groups there will be teams of 3 or 4 for the ladies and 3, 4 or 6 for the men. Teams will be in 10 year age bands on the 5's (ie W or M 35, 45, 55 etc.) with individual awards in 5yr age bands. All the event details are on the BMAF website via the link below and athletes should register themselves, the Opentrack system will sort us into age groups and teams. In lieu of an entry fee athletes are invited to make a donation to MacMillan nurses should they so wish.

Details and entries via:

This is an event we have medalled at in the past and we have such a talented group of vets racing well in the virtual world that this should be an event we can do well sign up and plan your training too sharpen up accordingly!