Thu 30th Apr 2020

Nick Anderson shares his thoughts about training through the crisis and offers some session suggestions for the coming fortnight.

Hi everybody,
I’m keen to keep you all ticking over this summer even though the current lock down and associated challenges have made life and training all very different. The virtual list of race distances gives the summer variety the club always offers and we should be focusing now on a little more speed and power as we step away from the recent periods on winter marathon and longer rd prep.

With the actual marathons unfortunately not taking place our legs should be relatively fresh and our base aerobic fitness strong. If we add a period now of summer VO2 reps, fartleks and faster hills into our weekly mix alongside the constant that should be threshold work then we should be well placed to up the volume of long runs and marathon prep from July onwards towards any autumn longer goals.

Many of you would have been regularly running the RR10 series (excellent summer VO2 prep), the odd track meeting in the southern or vets league or racing the raining 10k events in the Hampshire RR league. These all fit nicely as a virtual theme alongside the Welsh Castles fun being organised by George & Steve (please pick a leg that works for you and get involved!)

The session ideas below are designed to boost the themes mentioned above in this VO2 and power phase. Please cherry pick and slot these workouts or similar into your weekly mix around any of the virtual challenges but DON’T get over tired! Long runs only need to be 90 mins most weeks just now unless running a longer Welsh castles leg in which case extend one or two runs up to 2 hours. Use this period and lock down to also improve your core and strength…there will be workouts to join in with on a tuesday night 7-8pm very soon via Zoom.

Keep in touch via our whatsapp groups and Zoom get togethers and keep enjoying your running!

Suggested Training Sessions:

W/C 27th April
Tuesday - 45-60 mins including 7 x 3 mins @ 5k pace off 90 second jog all as a fartlek. Add strides and drills after the run
Wednesday - 60-80 mins easy pace with as much off rd and undulating as possible
Thursday - 40 mins with the middle 20 @ threshold effort. Add strides and a drills after if you can
Saturday 6 - 10 mins threshold (3 min jog) + 8-12 x 45 second fast hill with a 90 second jog rec (5 min jog) + 2 -4 x 2 mins fast on flat off 2 min jog rec
Sunday 90 easy and pick up the last 20 mins OR Alton virtual 10….OR easy run yesterday and Alton Virtual 10 hard today!

W/C 4th May
Monday or Tuesday - 6 mins threshold (3 min jog) + 6 x 2 mins fast off 90 second jog rec.
Wednesday or Thursday - RR10 virtual run/race or 45 mins with last 20-25 at threshold effort. Thursday possibly include a race mile in the virtual Harestock Handicap.
Saturday - 6 mins threshold (3 min jog) + 2 x (7 x 30 seconds fast hill with 60 second jog back down)…take 3 mins between sets jogging. Then 6 mins threshold again afterwards
Sunday - 90 mins and pick up the last 20 mins on undulating route with plenty of trail.

Take care and follow the rules on social distancing at all times.