Sat 30th May 2020

Nick sets out his usual lookahead and training session suggestions for the coming week

W/C 1st June

Monday easy runs & core with Andy P
Tuesday Session - 60 mins including 8-10 x 2 mins hard off 60-90 jog recovery as a fartlek style run. Easy run if RR10 tomorrow? Club Night on Zoom at 19.00
Wednesday RR10 TT Race 4 (5miles XC 200ft) or 60 mins easy
Thursday Harestock Handicap for June or 45 easy or 15/15/15 progression run if running a Welsh Castles leg Saturday or Sunday. If not racing at the weekend try 45 mins with last 25 at threshold on an undulating route.
Friday rest
Saturday - Welsh Castle Leg. Good luck and enjoy! If running tomorrow get involved as a supporter (Castles BBQ on Zoom) and just easy 30-45 today with strides after (5 x 60m)
Sunday - Welsh Castle Leg or supporter and easy 60-90 min run. If tired keep to easy 30-45 today.

Nick Anderson