Sat 23rd May 2020

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest fortnightly update on training (& virtual racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Hi all

Some thoughts below for seniors endurance and training for next two weeks. This takes into account the various virtual racing options (see Steve’s list) but with a main short term goal of being ready for a good Welsh castles leg on 6th/7th June. If you're not already signed up for the Virtual Castles speak to George Belfield asap.

I’m also keen for as many Vets from the club to enter the BMAF National Road Relay (5k) champs now in mid June (14th through 20th)…this makes a competitive target for the club nationally and we have such a strong vets section to be proud of. You don't have to be a member of BMAF, being WADAC is enough.

I hope to see many of you on the next senior evening zoom session on Tuesday 2nd June from 7pm. A chance to catch up with tips from the coaches, updates from the virtual race programme and a further interview of a key WADAC senior member plus a quiz to finish.

Keep up the good work and do cherry pick from the below to fit with your own current goals and time available.


Some session suggestions below that you can do close by where you live and in compliance with whatever social distancing guidance may be in place. NB should be read in conjunction with Steve's virtual fixture list so your training and your race programme line up!

W/C 25th May
Monday easy runs & Core session (S&C with Andy P at 7pm) or Virtual 10k TT (not the Vitality London 10,000) if you haven't done it over the weekend
Tuesday - 6 x 1k @ 10k pace off 90 jog. Then 5 min jog followed by 5 x 400 off 60,50,40,30 seconds diminishing recovery. Easy runs if racing 5k TT tomorrow? Wednesday 5k Rd TT (not the lakeside #1) Or 60-80 mins easy off rd
Thursday - A 15/15/15 or 20/20/20 progression run. The last segment is at threshold with the first two building from easy to steady effort.
Friday Rest
Saturday- Warm up well then 10 - 12 x 45 second hill off 90 jog. 5 min jog recovery then 4k @ threshold on the flat or light undulating.
Sunday - Long run with last 5k picking up to controlled MP or threshold feel. All easy if tired from yesterday.

W/C 1st June
Monday easy runs & core with Andy P
Tuesday Session - 60 mins including 8-10 x 2 mins hard off 60-90 jog recovery as a fartlek style run. Easy run if RR10 tomorrow? Club Night on Zoom at 19.00
Wednesday RR10 TT Race 4 (200ft) or 60 mins easy
Thursday Harestock Handicap or 45 easy or 15/15/15 progression run if running a Welsh Castles leg Saturday or Sunday. If not racing try 45 mins with last 25 at threshold on an undulating route.
Friday rest
Saturday - Welsh Castle Leg. Good luck and enjoy! If running tomorrow get involved as a supporter (Castles BBQ on Zoom in evening) and just easy 30-45 today with strides after (5 x 60m)
Sunday - Welsh Castle Leg or supporter plus easy 60-90 min run. If tired keep to easy 30-45 today.

Nick Anderson
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