Mon 13th Jul 2020

Nick sets out his usual lookahead and training session suggestions for the coming week

W/C 13th July

Monday easy runs and core with Andy P 7pm Zoom
Tuesday - easy run if RR10 is serious run tomorrow…..OR 6-10 x 800 or 3 mins with odd dos at threshold / even fast at 5k pace off 75-90 seconds
Wednesday 45-60 mins easy OR Virtual RR10 race 9
Thursday Easy 45-60 mins if raced yesterday OR 15/15/15 progression run with 15 easy/15 steady/15 threshold. Marathon group 75-90 easy pace
Friday REST
Saturday - those not in marathon mode could try a fartlek if not tired…..45 mins Incl 3 x 3,2,1 mins run as 3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,1 mins all with 90 sec jog rec. Those in marathon or longer mode 5-7 x 5 mins at threshold off 60-90 seconds rec.
Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins easy…if in marathon build for autumn look for 2.15 - 2.30 hours all easy