Mon 19th Oct 2020

Nick sets out his usual lookahead and training session suggestions for the coming week

W/C 19th October

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday Session at KG5 …OR 5 mins threshold (3) + 2-3 sets off 2 x 3 min XC pace (75) + 1 min fast. 2-3 mins between sets

Wednesday 45-60 mins easy

Thursday - Hill and threshold session meeting at KG5 (8-10 x 40 sec hill with jog rec then 15 mins at threshold)

Friday REST

Saturday - Easy runs or 45- 60 mins with 6.5,4,3,2,1 mins fartlek pick ups off 90 second easy run on off rd undulating route

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins - 1.45 easy mostly off rd and undulating/hilly… or flatter if legs heavy.

Nick Anderson