Mon 22nd Mar 2021

Nick sets out his usual lookahead and training session suggestions for the coming week

W/C 22nd March

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday Easy runs if tired from a big Sunday Half marathon effort run. If legs ok 7-8 x 1km @ 5k-10k pace off 90 second jog

Wednesday 45 easy

Thursday - Complete Tuesdays session if you missed it due to tired legs from the weekend. OR 20 easy/20 steady/20 threshold as a 60 min run

Friday REST

Saturday 10-12 x 30 second hill fast off 75 sec jog rec + 5 min jog + 3 x 5 mins @ threshold off 90 second jog

Sunday Key long run weekend if running a marathon end of next month. Aim for 35k progression run as below OR 90 with last 20 pick up if in 10k prep.

OR 20 miles with 10 easy then 10 @ MP…..maybe use this towards Salisbury Virtual 10 and HRRL

35km progression run:
10k easy
10k @ MP
5k easy
5k @ MP
2k easy
3k fast