Mon 5th Jul 2021

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

NB if you are coming to the Tuesday or Thursday sessions at any of our venues (KGV/Gater Field/Palmer Field) please don't forget to pre-register via our website events pages using this link so we can track and trace if necessary.

W/C 5th July

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday WADAC Session on the grass at Gater Field OR 6 minutes threshold (3) + 5 x 800 @ 3k-5k pace (90) + (3) 6 minutes threshold

Wednesday - 45-60 easy run & core

Thursday WADAC threshold session at Gater Field OR 4 x 7 mins @ threshold (90)

Saturday Easy runs if tired OR 20 mins @ threshold then 5 min jog + 8 x 30 second fast hill (75 second walk/jog) recovery. Keep your runs easy today if adding MP to your long run tomorrow.

Sunday long runs with 80-100 mins undulating/hilly if in summer 5k-10k or RR10 mode OR 2.15 with last 45 picking up to MP or near that if racing VLM/marathon this autumn. (SAL League opportunity - track)

W/C 12th July

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky (Vets League opportunity - track)

Tuesday WADAC session grass (On Palmer Field this week) OR 8-10 x 800 with odd numbers at threshold and even @ 5k pace off 75-90 second recovery

Wednesday 45 easy

Thursday WADAC Threshold Session at Gater field - 2 or 3 x 10 mins @ threshold/ or MP (2-3 rec). Meet at Gater field but we may use the local rd/ viaduct/college street/kingsgate street loop to help with this.

Saturday 45-60 easy if adding MP tomorrow OR 5x 5 mins at threshold (90) if you missed thurday + 6 x 30 sec fast hill after (75)

Sunday - long run with 80-100 mins if in summer 5k-10k or RR10 mode OR 2.15/30 with 3 x 4km @ MP built in off 1k easy run recovery if racing VLM/marathon this autumn.

Nick Anderson