Thu 8th Sep 2016

We are becoming increasingly reliant on a very small number of our officials to attend a large number of matches between them.

There were a number of matches this year when we were unable to provide the minimum number of qualified officials required of a club, putting pressure on other clubs and their officials, and their dissatisfaction with this was made very clear to some of the Team Managers. Some of those who officiated most are also coaches and we are placing great demands on their time. As a result, we are looking to expand our team of officials. Not only will this ease the pressure on everyone but one other benefit is that in some leagues we gain valuable points for the officials provided.

It is possible for timekeepers / track judges to work in shifts so you can officiate for a morning or afternoon, leaving you free to watch your child compete for the rest of the day. Field officials cover a limited number of events in a day and have breaks in between so you should still have the opportunity to watch your child.

We would be delighted to train more people to officiate so please consider attending one of the following courses. The duration of the course is one day and the Club will fund the course. The Club would expect you to officiate at a few of the 21 matches during the summer season. Most matches are on a Saturday or Sunday, with 4 on Monday evenings.

•         21st October – Oxford – Field official course

•         21st October – Oxford – Timekeeper course

No track judge course has been scheduled yet but I will send an update as soon as one is available.

If you are interested, please email Kathryn Miles ( for more details.