Gosport 2016 061 Cropped

Mon 28th Nov 2016

There were lots of WADAC successes in the final rankings from the 2015/16 season of the Hampshire Road Race League and the awards were presented after the Gosport Half Marathon (and collected by a patient few).

Many team trophies and individual awards were given to WADAC runners at the (low key) presentation following the Gosport Half Marathon. Many thanks to the patient ladies that helped me pick them up!

The team awards we received were:

Ladies A Division 1 - 1st Place Winchester-A
Ladies B Division 1 - 1st Place Winchester-B
Ladies B Division 1 - 2nd Place Winchester-C

Men A Division 1 - 2nd Place Winchester-A
Men B Division 1 - 2nd Place Winchester-B

These were the five trophies that can be seen in the picture.

The following individual awards were also received:

Natalie Cain - 1st 35-39
Sally Easton - 1st 50-54
Lynne Whitaker - 1st 55-59

So a huge well done to those ladies.

Mugs have since been made available that commemorate all 78 of the ladies individual league places and the top 100 individuals from the mens' league. To obtain a placing in the individual league a runner just has to compete in 7 or more of the 12 races in the season.

Therefore these went to the following -
Natalie Cain 5th, Sarah Shedden 6th, Lynne Whitaker 7th, Sarah Gurney 8th, Joanna Curtis 14th, Sally Easton 27th, Melissa Callister 51st, Gill Goodwin 74th.
Simon Stevens 8th, Ian Debnam 25th, James Moore 33rd, Mark Curtis 65th, Steve Oliver 67th, Matt Lane 74th, Saul Duck 82nd, Steve Goodwin 91st.

David Walker and Saul Duck will also receive T-shirts to acknowledge their commitment in running all twelve of the races in the season (once someone gets around to making them!)

So it just leaves me to say a massive thank you to everyone that turned out for any of the HRRL races last season with particular gratitude to each and every one of the following folk who represented WADAC in at least one of the A, B and C teams in at least one of the twelve races:

Simon Stevens, Sarah Shedden, Natalie Cain, Sarah Gurney, Ian Debnam, George King, Kathy Bailey, James Moore, Lynne Whitaker, Mark Curtis, Susy Perry, Karen Rushton, Kate Towerton, Sam Parkinson, Bonnor Sullivan, Chris Setters, Keir Sullivan, Jo Curtis, Saul Duck, Steve Oliver, Matt Lane, Ed Gurney, Bruce Ayling, Robin Oakley, Caroline Carr, Graham Bungay, Justin Corrie, Paul Brittenden, Anna Goldsmith, Jo Jefferies, Karen Hazlitt, Lucy Elliott, Calum Upton, George Belfield, James Heneghan, Jamie Jones, Julian Mann, Martin Mannion, Pete Samson, Rob Carter, Toby Cooke, Toby Lambert, Emma Carter, Jackie Ducker, Melissa Callister, Nick Wood, David Vosser, Sal Easton, Steve Goodwin, Dave Walker, Alex Whiting, Mark Wilson, Christopher Stocks, Eli Dawson, Patrick Warburton, Paul Oxley, Carrie Oliver, Imogen Emmett, Jade Bowling, Rachel Byers, Victoria Langdon, Jason Gatenby, Joe Chick, Martyn West, Mike Williamson, Owen Lewis, Pete Curtis, Tim Donald, Glynis Sheppard, Miguel Flores, Catherine Timson, Charlotte Sharman, Gill Goodwin, Sarah Reid, Shirley Dyson-Laurie, Susan Bryan, Colin McManus, Danny Kyle, Jack England, James Webster, Jonathan Kane, Julian Hamblin, Kevin Frisby, Matt Grote, Matt Kurton, Matthew Taylor, Nick Ambler, Richard Nichols, Stephen Lowy, Warren Jackson-Hookins, William Bryan.

Thank you all.