Fri 30th Dec 2016

Make WADAC one of your New Years Resolutions for 2017

It's that time of year again and we are all making plans and resolutions for 2017.  We know that to succeed these plans have to be something specific and measurable that you can buy-in to and work towards as a goal.  How about making one of your 2017 goals specific to WADAC ?

At WADAC we say we like each member to turnout in the Black and Gold and compete for the club at least 5 times in a year.  As a club we compete in at least 10 different league competitions so that should be an easy one.......why not go for more, maybe even one a month? 

Maybe 2017 is the year when you have a go at Track & Field or try something new.  There are events throughout the summer and our coaches will be very happy to help you with training towards something faster/higher/further than you have ever been before.

Maybe it is a diary thing......I will make time for the Wednesday session.  Over the summer that blends nicely into midweek competitions such as the RR10 and Lakeside 5k race series.

Maybe it is a volunteer....I will help out as an official at T&F meetings.  To start with you don't need any training but you can of course progress and develop yourself as a coach or official.

Just a few ideas, lets make 2017 something special for you and for your club.