Wed 13th Dec 2017

Pete Sansome was WADAC's highest ranked athlete in the 2017 RR10 series and wins our RR10 trophy

The RR10 race series consists of 11 cross-country runs on Wednesday evenings through the summer months.

WADAC teams and athletes compete for prizes from the series organisers but also for the WADAC RR10 trophy - awarded to the WADAC athlete sitting highest in the RR10 ranking table.

This year's winner is Pete Sansome who took part in 8 of the 2017 RR10 races and on average beat 95.3% of all the men taking part.  Fantastic performances - congratulations Pete.

Special mention too for our runner-up - Sam Parkinson - who took part in 6 races and on average beat 94.5% of all the ladies taking part.  Close but no trophy Sam!

The full 2017 ranking table can be seen here  

RR10 races are free to enter and offer all the fun and training benefits of the cross-country running we do in the winter time just with less mud and hopefully better weather.  Something to look forward to and well worth considering as you build your race calendars and training diaries for next year.