2017 Sotcca

Mon 18th Dec 2017

For perhaps the first time ever (certainly in a long time) WADAC sent a team to the South of the Thames Cross Country Assoc'n (SOTCCA) Championships. It is generally a high level competition and with 6 to score we were pleased to finish in the top half as 9th team.

The SOTCCA is one of the longest established running associations that has been hosting championships for over a hundred years.  These events are generally held over in South London or Kent but as 2017 was in Aldershot we thought...why not?

We knew the standards would be high with teams like Kent AC, Tonbridge, Belgrave and AF&D all regular participants.  Both men and women raced over 7.5miles with everyone setting off in a mass start at 14.00.  Conditions on the day were near perfect and the course was an entertaining mix of muddy stuff round the pitches and some lovely forest trails including one memorable switchback climb up through the woods.  The talent was there and the field soon snaked away through the trees and out of sight for most of us.  For info the winning man has a sub 31 10k this year and the winning lady has a sub-35 10k. 

WADAC were represented by:
57 Marcus Green
75 Wayne Bevan (7th V40)
78 Pete Sansome (8th V40)
80 Tom Oliver
81 Guy Brayn
87 Marius Kwint (7th V50)
Great packing by these top 6 scorers meant our men's team finished in a very creditable 9th place overall. 

Also running in the Black & Gold (but thankfully not needed to score) were
119 Steve Oliver (4th V55)
133 Martyn West (1st V65) 

and in the ladies race
41 Emma Carter (5th W45)
57 Joy Radford (2nd W60)