Martyn W12018

Mon 21st Jan 2019

Winchester completed a resounding series of victories at the 6th CC6 race Kings Garn Gutter by Janesmoor Pond. Kathy Bailey and Guy Brayn came first for the club, both the women's and men's team won too, and Martyn West collected his trophy for winning his age category in the 17/18 CC6 season.

The Kings Garn Gutter fixture on the 20th January provided a rare muddy and shoe sucking course, in the latest CC6 race this season.  34 Winchester runners overwhelmed the opposition and powered the club to first and second in the women's and men's team positions respectively. The men's team are now only 12 points behind Lordshill and just ahead of Southampton Tri, so the last 2 races will prove interesting.

Kathy Bailey led the field (1st), followed by Imogen Emmet (5th) and Susy Perry (6th) to make up the women's team, closely followed by Karen Rushton (8th), Charlotte Hoskins (9th), Penny Freeman (10th), with a welcome return from Simone Paulson (21st), Liz Marshall (25th), Louise Snook (38th), Madeline Vosser (63rd) and Carrie Oliver (65th).

The men came in force, with Guy Brayn (1st), James Moore (4th), debutante Archie Ives (8th) and Wayne Bevan (10th) to score the men's second team victory this season (the women's team have won four times so far).  The Winchester pack also included Pete Sansome (11th), Andrew White (13th), Andrew Rushmer (16th), Jack England (19th), Alex Whiting (20th), Dan Carter (24th), Jono Brown (26th), Harry Stow (32nd), Peat Allan (40th), Steve Oliver (42nd), David Vosser (43rd), Adrian Haughton (44th), good packing gents!! Saul Duck (59th), Stephen Lowy (61st), Colin McManus (65th), Steve Cluett (76th), Rob Porter (78th), Martyn West (123rd) - welcome back, and Pete Townsend (126th).

The penultimate race takes place at the maiden course by Ashhurst campsite on the 17th February.  9.30am start, free to all club members just bring your club vest.