Wed 6th Feb 2019

Time & Place. Tuesday 19th March 6-8pm. Kings School Winchester Sports Hall

The first ever WADAC Sportshall Championship takes place on Tuesday 19th March 6-8pm at the usual Sportshall training venue of Kings School Romsey Rd Winchester in the Sports Hall.

Entries for the competition have now reached the entry limit of 90 in Under 11 and Under 13 age groups for both girls and boys. Many of the athletes entered who have not experienced Sportshall have been coming to Sportshall training sessions at Kings School to sample the Sportshall events . The feedback from the athletes and parents has been very positive and some of these new athletes took part in the third Hampshire Sportshall League event.

The Championship will have trophies for the first three athletes in each age group. The events that the athletes will take part in are 1 Lap ; 3 Lap ; Speed Bounce ; Soft Javelin ; Standing Long Jump.

Scoring will be based upon the Hampshire Sportshall League system where the lowest score overall is the winner i.e. winner of an event gets  1 point , 2nd place 2 points etc.

We still require 5-6 more parent helpers to assist the officials on March 19th. So if anyone would like to help out please contact me.

Steve Torrance WADAC Sportshall