Sun 24th Mar 2019

For those interested in becoming a head coach at Wadac.

As many of you will know, since I took over the role of chair last year, the priority for my first year has been to update and improve the overall structure and functioning of the club and to encourage more volunteers to help run the club. 

As part of that, I am pleased to announce that we are officially now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with a new constitution. 

Additionally, the committee has established many new policies and procedures to streamline and improve the functioning of the club. 

After careful thought and discussion over the last six months or so and in consultation with many senior coaches, the committee has decided that it would like to introduce four head coach roles at the club for the following areas: Sprint and Hurdles; Jumps; Throws; and Endurance.

These head coaches will have several tasks but the main ones will be to work with the other coaches and assistant coaches in the relevant area to put together a plan to develop performance, support the development of coaches, assistant coaches and athletes, and to identify new helpers and future coaches.  It is envisaged that they will provide extra training and support to coaches, assistant coaches and helpers in their relevant area. For further information please contact me on and I will send you a description of the role.  

I do not anticipate that we will be in a position to appoint people to all these positions immediately and suspect the appointments my take some time but this is the overall plan to help develop and support our athletes and coaches and develop a really positive culture at the club.  

The roles will be open to both internal and external applicants with initial applications requested by 10 May 2019. Following the initial applications, the committee will review them and come back to the applicants with the next steps in the process.

Please contact me with any questions.