Handicap Race

Thu 4th Apr 2019

Lynn McKeague absolutely smashed her PB to win the April handicap by some distance, showing good finishing speed to kick-on and away from Steve Oliver in 2nd and Mikaela Price in 3rd.

Extended April showers (all day rain more like) and marathon preparations/tapering meant that numbers were a bit down for the April Handicap.  Nevertheless 14 runners braved the conditions including 1 very welcome event newbies in Rob Sinclair.  With the clocks changing it was of course the first daylight run of the year and despite the grass being wet and there being the odd puddle on the course it was set for good times.  We weren't disappointed as 12 runners managed to meet or beat their handicap and 10 runners crossed the line in the sweetspot that is the blanket finish, todays sweetspot centered on 9'50 gross, equating to 10secs under handicap.

Our winner on the night was Lynn McKeague well recovered from injury and smashing her PB with a fantastic time of 9'22 gross, 7'37 net.  Second was Steve Oliver, hopelessly outgunned once Lynn triggered her finishing sprint.  Mikaela Price similarly finished strongly to hold off Dave Gaskell and take third.

Fastest on the night was again Dave Gaskell with 6'25, 2nd fastest was Kevin Frisby in 7'04 and 3rd was Adrian Haughton with 7'05 - good times but no movement on the honours board.

As regards the overall standings it is still early days but Lynn McKeague has moved to the fore now ahead of Dave Gaskell and Mikaela Price.  As the fair weather runners fall away there are now only 7 people in the whole world who still have a chance of winning a coveted "12 out of 12" medal. 

The May 2019 Handicap will be, as ever, on the first Thursday of the month...the 2nd May 2019.   I am told there may be an election going on that evening (who knows for what or whom we will be voting) but that won't stop the handicap!   

Meet at the track 18.45 for 19.00. 
All welcome we can make up suitable handicaps for newbies on the night.