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Mon 6th May 2019

WADAC's Race Walkers had a successful Hampshire Championships at the Mountbatten Centre on 6th May returning with Harriet Hide crowned as the new Snr Women's Champion and a host of other medals shared around the squad.

WADAC's Race Walking fraternity are enjoying something of a renaissance these days under the helpful tutelage of new coach Claire Mitchell.  

The Hampshire Championships at the Mountbatten Centre on 6th May provided an opportunity to test ourselves and see if the extra training and improved technique would pay off.  The answer was a resounding "Yes".

The Senior Race was a mixed men and women event over 3,000m.  WADAC's Harriet Hide was the class of the field being the first snr to finish and becoming Hampshire's Snr Women's Champion.  Carrie Oliver collected the bronze medal for the women's event whilst David Mitchell won the silver medal in the men's event and Derek Smith the bronze.  

The Junior Race was also mixed but held over 2,000m and Natasha Mitchell took the bronze medal in the u15G category with a strong finishing lap. 

In a novel piece of timetable management the Junior race (over 2,000m) and the Snr race (over 3,000m) shared the same track and had a simultaneous start time.  It all worked well and made for an entertaining mix of walkers on the track.  There are some very speedy youngsters coming through the race walking ranks and it was great to see them able to race side by side with the seniors, often whilst overtaking them!

Congratulations to the race walking squad and their coach, Claire Mitchell, it all looks very positive and fun.  If you fancy giving it a go please seek out Claire and ask.