Sun 12th May 2019

Over 50 medals won across all disciplines and ages

Well done to all our athletes, coaches and officials following an amazing 56 medals won at the Hampshire Championship according to my count. Happy to be corrected though! This was an increase of over 50 per cent from last year. There were also at least four club records broken as well that I am aware of. Three in throws (Erin McBriar, Olivia Busher and Sam Clifton) and one in middle distance (James Lewis). Please let me know if you have broken a club record. 

There was an amazing performance from Oscar Webb (u13) with three Golds in Hurdles, High Jump and Long Jump with a championship record for High Jump at 1.53m. 

List of medals

Gold (20)

Daniel Thomas 100m (u20)
Charlie Brown 400mh (u20)
Oscar Webb LG (u13)
Lily Neate 1500 (u17)
Grace Weeks 70mH (u13) 
Sam Clifton hammer (u17)
Sello Mtshweni pole vault (u15)
Finley WB hammer (u15)
Alice Calder 3000m (u20)
Maddie Turner 400mh (u20)
Erin McBriar discus (u13)
James Lewis 1500m (u13)
Oscar Webb 75mH (u13)
Dan Kimber 80mH (u15)
Ruben Burrows HG (u15)
Sam MBalla TJ (u15)

Kanya Mtshweni 110mH (u20)

Oscar Webb HJ (u13)

Isabella Beck 800m (u17)

Harriett Hide walk (SW)

Silver (19)

David Mitchell Walk (SM)
Jessica Gordon HJ (U20)
Emily Smith HJ (u17) 
Natasha Mitchell walk (u15)
Kirsten Hazelwood javelin (u13)
Finley WB discus (u15)
Sam Nicholson discus (u13)
Isabel Ord high Jump (u13) 
Erin McBriar shot (u13)
Ellie Livingstone 400mh (u20)
Aisling Dunne 3000m (u17)
Alice Guest pole vault (u15) 
Olivia Busher javelin (u15)
Grace Weeks 200m (u13)
Emily Serridge jav (u20)
Heather Sheffield jav (SW)
Charlie Elford Pond shot (u15) 
Luc Pearce Steeplechase (u17)
Daniel Thomas 110mH (u20)

Bronze (17)

Derek Smith walk (SM)
Harry Pizzey LG (u20)
Alex Miles Jav (u17)
Ollie Withers 800m (u15)
Charlie Elford Pond Discus (u15)
Isabella Beck 1500 (u17) 
Rebecca Mitchell shot (u17)
Rose Chesterfield 1500m (u15)
Rebecca Mitchell 300mh (u17)
Heather Sheffield discus (SW)
Maddie Turner 200m (u20)
Sally Serridge jav (SM)
Edward Bruce 100m (u15)
Montel Gondwe 100m (u17)
Harry Pizzey TJ (u20)

Lily Neate 800m (u17) 

Carrie Oliver Walk (SW)