Sat 13th Jul 2019

The 2018/19 season has now finished. Congratulations to all the prize winners. Both the Men’s A team and the Women’s A team finished top in their Hampshire Road Running Leagues.

The WADAC Grand Prix Statistics have been updated for the Lordshill 10k

Men's Main competition: 1st = Simon Stevens, 2nd = James Moore, 3rd = Saul Duck

Women's Main competition: 1st = Susy Perry, 2nd = Jo Curtis, 3rd = Charlotte Sharman

Men's Age-adjusted competition: 1st = Jonathan Kane, 2nd = Steve Goodwin, 3rd = Steve Oliver

Women's Age-adjusted competition: 1st = Joy Radford, 2nd = Karen Hazlitt, 3rd = Shirley Dyson-Laurie

The Most Improved Runner: To be announced at the Awards Ceremony

Runners completing all 12 out of 12 races: Saul Duck and Jonathan Kane