Sat 26th Oct 2019

Our junior triathletes enjoyed the visit from a top GB triathlete.

The sun shone as WADAC’s triathletes once again put power into the pedal and the pool in last Saturday’s training session.

This weekend saw a guest appearance of elite Triathlete India Lee – visiting her home WADAC turf – to encourage the 30 strong junior team. India – now on the podium pathway and training in Bath – watched those in the pool as they learnt the importance of positioning. Then out onto the ATR field to help teach drafting; watching the team push their abilities to the limit.

Bike limbo to finish then a chance to quiz India for expert tips and tricks.

“Keep it all in balance” she says wisely “ and keep it fun – keep enjoying what you do”.

Then “Will you go to the Olympics?” a small voice from the back pipes up.

“We’ll see” she says – not being drawn – “Plenty of time to qualify yet”.

An inspirational session across the board for us – and “Go India – we’ll be rooting for you here!”.