Janesmoor Pond22019

Tue 10th Dec 2019

The fourth CC6 race was held under clear blue skies as the men of Winchester came a creditable 4th and the women 5th in the latest fixture at Janesmoor Pond. Top ten performances included James Moore and Emma Carter both coming 7th.

The 4th CC6 race took place at Janesmoor Pond in the New Forest. Despite significant rain the night before, the gravel tracks provided a hard and largely dry running surface. The 16 men and 4 women from Winchester "enjoyed" 5 miles of undulating trail, including a testing incline to the finish line. The men's team came 4th with James Moore leading us in 7th, Ed Gurney 25th, Rob Carter 29th and Colin McManus completing the male team in 32nd. Some excellent packing close behind included Steve Oliver 35th, Saul Duck 37th, Stephen Lowy 40th, Peat Allen 42nd, Dean Rawlins 43rd, and plenty of strength in depth with Andrew Robinson 63rd, Kevin Frisby 64th, Rick Munro 88th, Pete Townsend 97th, Adrian Haughton 91st, Pete Watts 117th and Keith Flack 124th. The women's team came 5th, a rarity as they seldom follow in the wake of the men, but numbers were depleted as well as some heavy legs from the previous days cross country race. Despite this Emma Carter lead the way with 7th, Karen Hazlitt 11th, Louise Snook 26th and Carrie Oliver 36th.

The club will be hosting the 5th CC6 at Badger Farm, so we can't compete but we do need volunteers to Marshall and supply post run nourishment for the competitors (can be cake). Its on the 5th January.