Sun 19th Jan 2020

We are looking to recruit officials from young adults aged 14 and over and who are in full time education. The club are proposing to pay them for carrying out certain duties. This is to help our athletes develop in the sport and outside the sport and provide a much needed boost to our official numbers.

We require in particular a number of new timekeepers to officiate at our summer league matches, starting with attendance at a one-day course before the season starts in April.

The date of the course will be determined once we have sufficient interest from members. We are looking for 10 or more juniors (age 14+) to attend the course.

As places are limited, all applications will be considered by the committee.

We are proposing to pay the following amounts to those in full-time education for officiating at a match:

Trainees - £10 (home match), £20 (away match)

Level 1 - £20 (home match), £30 (away match)

Level 2 - £30 (home match), £40 (away match)

This is to compensate them for their time and any expenses incurred. Please note that the club will not be paying a salary or offering any employment. It will be given to them to show our appreciation for offering to help at the matches and there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide a fixed number of matches. Free transport will be provided to any away matches as well.

Once they have completed the course, they will be a trainee. We would expect them to then become a qualified Level 1 official (they can only do this once they are 16 years old). To become a Level 1 official, they need to have officiated at 4 matches. To become a level 2 official, they need to officiate at 10 matches and be assessed.

Details of the timekeeping course can be found here:https://www.englandathletics.o...

They can also become a field official, starter/starter’s assistant or track judge but would have to attend a course elsewhere. There is a field course and a starters course at Eton on the 23rd February. If they are interested in attending one of these or you know someone who would be, please let me know. It is open to all.

It may be possible to compete and officiate at the same match if they are able to share duties with another WADAC official.

Not only will they be helping the Club but this qualification will look great on any job / university application they make in the future.

If you are interested or know anyone interested in the course, please contact me ASAP on