Tue 12th May 2020

WADAC are pleased to have agreed a WADAC-exclusive online pilates session this Thursday evening with leading North Hampshire pilates practitioner, Sue Lott. Sue runs several weekly pilates sessions and is currently providing her classes via live Zoom link. Sue has worked as an exercise/ movement teacher for many years and has advised sports men, women and children from many different backgrounds. Thursday’s session will take place at 7.00pm, and is suitable for both junior and senior athletes.

Here’s a message from Sue explaining what you’ll need in order to take part on Thursday :

Could Thursday participants please have the following equipment with them at the session: a hand and bath towel (not a bath sheet, too big), a normal size cushion and a dining type, armless chair.

Please come with an open mind - it may seem weird, but it works!!

Links to Zoom have been circulated by email.