Mon 29th Jun 2020

With the “Not the Alresford 10k” (virtual) race we now have all 12 races of the 2019-2020 Grand Prix. Thanks go to Steve Oliver for providing the results of five HRRL virtual races so that the Grand Prix could be completed.

View the HRRL Grand Prix Pages to see the detailed results of the competition. Congratulations go to all these winners:

Women's Main competition: 1st = Sarah Gurney, 2nd = Sarah Shedden, 3rd = Tamsin Anderson.

Women's Age-adjusted competition: 1st = Gill Goodwin, 2nd = Melissa Callister, 3rd = Jo Curtis

Men's Main competition: 1st = Dave Gaskell, 2nd = James Moore, 3rd = Guy Brayn

Men's Age-adjusted competition: 1st = Jonathan Kane, 2nd = Steve Oliver, 3rd = Andy Parkinson

Runners completing all 12 races (7 real and 5 virtual): Dave Gaskell and Saul Duck

The winner of the most improved runner will be announced later.