Sat 18th Jul 2020

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& virtual racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Hi all,

My training thoughts for the next two weeks are below. Great to see so many faces at our Tuesday and Thursday Gater field sessions. We can now take 10-15 on a Tuesday and a regular 15 on a Thursday. There are always a few spaces left on a Thursday so do speak to both Pete and Kathy to register and come along. I’m hopeful EA will soon allow greater numbers and more normal club nights to resume with social distancing. We will stay on Gater Field until September and then move to King George V for autumn/winter training along with some road sessions.

I have included options for Lakeside 5k in week one and RR10 (10) in week two for those keen to race.

My focus is still on building a marathon phase for many hopeful something might come of VLM or Brighton. As discussed, this phase is all money in the bank for the autumn and next year anyway. Options also exist for many not doing an autumn marathon and looking to enjoy the RR10, Lakeside and general 5k-10k theme.

Keep up the good work and see you next week!

Seniors next two weeks:

W/C 20th July

Monday easy runs and core with Andy P 7pm Zoom

Tuesday - session 5 mins threshold (2min) then 4 x 400 @ 5k pace off (60s) All x 2-3 sets. Easy run + strides if 5k Lakeside important tomorrow.

Wednesday - 45-60 mins easy with core after OR Lakeside 5k time-trial

Thursday - If in marathon mode 75 - 90 mins pick up last 20-30 mins to mp OR 45 incl 20 mins at threshold. Those coming to Gater field on a Thursday have the option of completing Tuesday’s session together or some threshold blocks

Friday Rest or easy run

Saturday Those looking at next weeks RR10 aim to run 45 mins over an off rd hilly route and add in 2 sets of 4,3,2,1 mins fartlek off 90 jog recovery. Those in marathon mode easy run today before tomorrow long run.

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins easy…if in marathon build for autumn look for 25k with 5k easy, 5k mp, 5k easy, 5k mp, 2k easy, 3k threshold….then maybe warm down for 2k.

W/C 27th July

Monday easy runs and core with Andy P 7pm Zoom

Tuesday - easy run if RR10 (10) is serious run tomorrow…..OR 8-10 x 800 or 3 mins with odd dos at threshold / even fast at 5k pace off 75-90 seconds

Wednesday 45-60 mins easy OR Virtual RR10 race 10

Thursday Easy 45-60 mins if raced yesterday OR 15/15/15 progression run with 15 easy/15 steady/15 threshold. Marathon group 75-90 easy pace. See you on Gater field to complete Tuesdays session or threshold blocks if you are attending this session.

Friday REST

Saturday - Easy runs for all today 45-60 mins

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins easy last 20 pick up to threshold…if in marathon build and your last few weeks have been over for 2 hours then cut back to 90 this week. If not its time to run 2.30 easy or 18-20 miles.

Keep up the good work everybody