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Sat 18th Jul 2020

To limited number of athletes

I am pleased to inform you that the track is reopening on Tuesday 21 July under a strict regime to protect coaches, athletes and parents from Covid 19. Members will be emailed the protocols and procedures in due course and only those who have been invited by their coach will be able to attend.

During the lockdown period the track has been repaired and cleaned with new markings. You will see from the photograph it looks fantastic. Thank you to the university for carrying out the works.

The track will not be returning in the near future to the club night format we enjoyed before lockdown but a more limited training regime will be in place which will start with those athletes in event groups who have been unable to train effectively during lockdown (eg hurdlers, jumpers, throwers and sprinters) and are likely to compete later this year.

So, please liaise with your coach and be aware only members can attend the sessions as the track is not open to anyone else.