Sat 14th Nov 2020

Thank you to Nick Anderson and others for putting together the following sessions for the club senior endurance group. The last one with me is open to all members.

Tuesday 17th November 8pm

Interview with Naomi Mitchell - Naomi recently finished second in the British marathon championships (2.33) within the VLM elite race televised as always on the BBC. Naomi set a new personal best in super tough conditions and came within 4 seconds of being 1st British finisher in a very strong field. She trains every Tuesday with WADAC and George Bellfleld has very kindly agreed to interview Naomi on her training, journey and lifestyle taking questions from the audience along the way.

Tuesday 24th November 8pm

Andy Parkinson (coach & athlete at WADAC) will present a workshop on Performance Under Pressure for all at the club. We all either compete or coach those who do and know what it’s like to feel nervous or anxious before an event, training or when looking at the bigger picture. Andy has many years of expertise in this area and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology and accreditation as a BASES Sport and Exercise Scientist. Andy is happy to take questions and will outline and identify strategies to help you or those you coach on their journey.

Tuesday 1st December 8pm

Paul Cox, the WADAC chair, will outline his vision for the future of the club and be initially interviewed by myself. The floor will then be open for questions on all areas regarding event groups, development and the exciting future the club can look forward to in the years ahead. This evening is open to all athletes, coaches, team managers and key personalities within WADAC.