Mon 9th Nov 2020

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Hi everybody,

I hope your week has gone well and the switch back into lock down hasn’t been too bumpy. We are very keen to keep the momentum going with training and the wonderful virtual opportunities with Steve and the team continue. The training below keeps a winter XC and rd race league theme for endurance and offers the opportunities to either use the next two weeks as a good training block or include the virtual races as time trial moments or good training runs. Whatever you choose, lets make a promise to work hard and return in December (hopefully!) to club training in good shape. Everything we do now is banking training and building fitness towards the first part of 2021 when hopefully real racing can start to make a gradual return.

Various events such as Goodwood (5k, 10k, half & marathon) on the 6th December are on hold but will apparently go ahead if we return to a 3 tier system from the 2nd!! Let’s all hope…..

Zoom on a Tuesday will return with Naomi Mitchell (2nd British female at recent VLM elite race and a training partner to you all ) being interviewed on Tuesday 17th from 8pm. So get in your evening session then tune in for top tips and a chance to ask Naomi questions…..? Zoom link to follow….

A further zoom session is planned for the whole club on Tuesday 1st December when we will interview Paul Cox (club Chairman) about the health of the club, his vision and the plan for the years ahead. A chance for you all to ask questions about endurance and any concerns or thoughts you might have.

I know it’s tough and we are all missing the fun of the big club sessions, social get togethers and real racing but let’s keep training hard and return in great shape. Keep in touch with each other and make good use of being able to run with a club mate and friend.

Happy running,

W/C 9th November

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday - 6 mins threshold (3) + 2 x 1200 (90) + 2 x 800 (75) + 4 x 400 (60) …..(1200 @ xc pace, 800 @ 5k pace, 400 @3k pace)

- OR, Isolation Relay any variety of combinations such as
4k virtual relay leg fast, 5 min jog then 2*3k @ threshold.

Wednesday - Easy runs

Thursday - Hills & threshold. 8-12 x 45 second hill (90), 5 min jog then 3-4k @ threshold OR easy 45-60 mins if racing the virtual half seriously this weekend.

Friday Rest or easy run

Saturday Easy run if Racing the virtual Gosport half this weekend OR 45 min with middle 20-25 at threshold over hilly undulating route (maybe off rd).

Sunday - Long runs of 90-100 mins easy flatter route OR Gosport Virtual Half - Good Luck!!

W/C 16th November

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday - easy run if tired from the virtual half OR 2k @ XC pace (4 min jog) + 4-5 x 600 or 2 mins fast (90) + (4 min jog) + 1500 @ XC pace.

* Special event - 8-9pm interview with Naomi Mitchell (2nd British female at recent VLM elite race) on Zoom about her training, progression and getting the balance right

Wednesday 45-60 mins easy

Thursday - Easy runs OR 40 mins with last 20 @ threshold.

Friday REST

Saturday - Easy runs or 6 mins threshold (3 min jog) then 8-10 x 45 sec hill off jog down rec then 5 mins jog before 4 x 2 mins fast off 2 min jog on flat.

- OR CC6 virtual XC race - good luck!

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins - 1.45 easy mostly off rd and undulating/hilly… or flatter if legs heavy from yesterday.

Nick Anderson