Sun 17th Jan 2021

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Hi Everybody,

I hope training has been ticking along despite lockdown and you are enjoying the running outside once a day. My thoughts for the next 2 weeks are below and include our virtual 10k TT challenge with a match against Malta (MAC) also. Big thanks to Steve and the team for continually keeping everybody entertained with the relay, XC and rd virtual options. Let’s all keep our focus at this difficult time and the work you do now really will get you all ready for the hopeful beginning of unlock and maybe even some covid safe events emerging again in April. The summer will then start to look a little better.

As soon as its safe we will all be back at KG5 and it wont be long before those summer evenings on Gater Field at Winchester College!

A huge well done to all who took part in the various virtual events so far this year, especially everybody who helped the club qualify for the national virtual rd relays next month. Let’s all target the EA 5mile Relay Nationals in mid-February as part of our mix as a fun event for all and to push the club against the best nationally too.

I can also announce a couple of zoom Tuesday evening moments in February and hope you can all join. Zoom links will follow soon but initial details are below:

Tuesday 2nd February 7.45pm - An evening with Jo Meek. Many of you know Jo well and I thought it would be fun to interview her about her career from international XC and marathon runner through to international and very well known Ultra star! A lovely journey and I hope you have questions. These days Jo is a busy physio and running crazy miles in the mountains so lots to talk about.


Tuesday 9th February 7.45pm - An evening with Alex Cook Nutritionist. Alex is a sub 3 marathon runner, well known ultra runner and one of the UK’s leading nutritionists in the running and sporting world. Alex will present on all areas nutrition for pre, during and post event alongside top tips for daily best practice. Lots of advice and suitable for all event groups and ages at the club.


Stay safe,


W/C 18th January

Monday - easy runs and core

Tuesday - 2k @ threshold (3) + 4 x 800 @ 5k-10k pace (90 jog) + 3-4 x 400 @3k pace off (45-60 jog)

Wednesday - 45-75 easy run

Thursday - 10/10/10 progression run as 10 easy/10 steady/10 @ threshold to make 30 mins OR 30-40 easy if legs are tired.

Friday - ……Rest or easy runs

Saturday - Virtual 10k race /Stubbington and match V MAC Malta. Or, 45-60 mins with 25-30 at threshold include within.

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins - 2 hours mostly off road and rolling undulating route. Keep it easy and 80-90 only if tired from yesterday.

W/C 25th January

Monday easy runs and core

Tuesday - 8-10 x 800m with odd numbers @ threshold and even @ 5k effort

Wednesday 45-75 mins easy

Thursday - Easy run if tired or racing the virtual southern XC tomorrow or Saturday. If focusing on training not racing 4x 6 mins @ threshold off 2 min jog recovery.

Friday REST or easy runs

Saturday - Southern Champs Virtual XC race OR 45-60 easy run if adding MP or HMP tomorrow. If just training then 60 with 6,5,4,3,2,1 mins fartlek off 90 jog recovery between each effort.

Sunday - Long runs of 90 mins - 2 hours easy pace if you raced the TT or trained hard yesterday. If now in spring marathon or Half prep try 2.15 with 3 x 15 mins @ MP built in off a 10 min jog rec OR 90 - 120 mins with 3 x 8 mins @ HMP built into the last 30 mins off 3-4 min easy run rec.

Nick Anderson

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