Sun 9th May 2021

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Hi everybody,

Great to see such wonderful numbers at training this week on Gater Field. Big thank you for registering on the club website for each session to help us with our track & trace requirements. Let’s hope the warmer evening sunshine arrives soon….

Training suggestions for the next two weeks are below as we work towards a busy summer of shorter rd races, track opportunities, the return of the RR10’s and our own in house Test Way relay and virtual series. Please cherry pick the suggestions below to fit with your own training, weekly volumes and goals as always and do ask if you have any questions.

On the subject of the Test Way WADAC relay Sunday 6th June please register via our website Winchester & District AC - WADAC In House Test Way Relay and chat to Steve and George at the club for more details. Don’t forget the club also has it’s next track open meeting on Tuesday 1st June where you can all race an 800 or 3,000m. This is open to all and a lovely chance to race and work on some speed. Details for registration will be on the club website very soon.

Lots to be training hard for as we look forward to seeing you all on Gater Field for weekly sessions. Don't forget to pre-register for each session via our website Winchester & District AC - Senior Endurance Training - 11th May 21 (

Finally, a big thank you to all of our assistant coaches who are helping the sub groups each Tuesday/Thursday evening. This support is so important as we successfully look after and offer coaching support to everybody on a busy endurance night. Keep up the good work!

Nick, Parky & the coaching team

Training thoughts for the next 2 week block below:

W/C 10th May

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday WADAC Session on the grass at Gater Field OR 5 min threshold (3) + 3 sets of 800/600/400 or 3/2/1 mins off 90 sec jog rec between each effort.

Wednesday - 45-60 easy run & core

Thursday WADAC threshold session at Gater Field OR 45 mins with 4 x 6 mins @ threshold off 2 min easy run recovery.

Friday - ……Rest or easy runs…

Saturday 45-60 easy if tired OR fast hills. 5-6 x 30 sec fast hill (75 jog rec) then 3 min jog + 6-10 mins @ threshold on the flat then 3 min jog + 5-6 x 30 secs fast hill (75 jog rec)

Sunday 90-1.45 with last 20 mins pick up to near threshold if feeling good or easy running yesterday.

W/C 17th May

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday WADAC Session on Gater Field or 5 mins threshold (3) + 5 x 800 or 3mins fast off 3 min rec + 2 x 400 fast off (60) . Aiming for 3k pace in the 800’s and faster in the 400’s.

Wednesday 45 easy

Thursday WADAC Threshold Session at Gater field - or 30-45 min run with alternating blocks of 2 min steady/ 2 min threshold continuous effort with 6-10 sets.

Friday REST

Saturday 15 - 20 mins at threshold on an undulating route with 5 min jog after + 5-8 x 30 sec fast hill sprint off 75 jog back recovery OR virtual HRRL Netley 10k

Sunday - long run 90-1.45 all relaxed. OR virtual HRRL Netley 10k

Nick Anderson