Sun 6th Jun 2021

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight

Hi everybody,

Big well done to all of you who took part in various events over the past 2 weeks. The club open meeting 3,000m, virtual races, the Harestock handicap and the epic Test Way Relays. A busy period for senior endurance as we continue to grow and also look forward to the return of the SAL, Vets League, RR10 series and final virtual races from last years RRL list.

Keep up the great work and keep training well. I plan to start including marathon training options each week alongside summer faster training from the start of July. This will give those running VLM 12 weeks of prep into event day, the perfect amount when starting marathon prep already in good summer shape. Long runs will go beyond 2 hours and sometimes include marathon pace or progression work. You should aim to join us still on a Tuesday but perhaps look to go further on a Thursday or Friday including bigger blocks of threshold. The plans here each week will give suggestions.

Don’t forget the SAL and Vets league track options offer non-scoring places so you are all welcome to take part even if not selected as a team scorer. Speak to team managers or myself if interested. RR10’s start back on Wednesday nights from the 23rd June and Emma Carter will keep you posted.

W/C 7th June

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday WADAC Session on the grass at Gater Field OR 5 min threshold + 6 x 800 fast off 3-4 min recovery. Aim for the 800’s to be quicker than 5k pace and perhaps even quicker than 3k pace!

Wednesday - 45-60 easy run & core

Thursday WADAC threshold session at Gater Field OR alternating 2 min threshold blocks with 2 min steady for 20-30 minutes.

Friday - ……Rest or easy runs…

Saturday 45-60 OR 45 with 20 mins @ threshold then 5 min jog before 5-6 x 30 sec fast hill off 75 jog OR Lordhill 10k virtual

Sunday 1.45 - 2 hours easy pace OR Lordshill 10k virtual

W/C 14th June

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday WADAC session grass OR 3 x 1 mile fast at 5k pace off 3-4 min jog + 4 x 400 @3k pace off 60,45,30 seconds diminishing recovery.

Wednesday 45 easy

Thursday WADAC Threshold Session at Gater field - or 30-45 min run with alternating blocks of 2 min steady/ 2 min threshold continuous effort with 6-10 sets OR easy runs

Friday REST

Saturday 30-45 easy if racing tomorrow OR 15 - 20 mins at threshold on an undulating route with 5 min jog after + 5-8 x 30 sec fast hill sprint off 75 jog back recovery

Sunday - long run 90-1.45 all relaxed. OR SAL track league

Nick Anderson