Wed 28th Jul 2021

All available through Opentrack

The results from last nights Open meeting have been updated on Opentrack and are available through the following link.

They will appear on pof10 shortly.

I would like to say a huge thanks to those who made the meeting take place last night which went on against a backdrop of a number of people in self isolation and therefore couldn't have hapenned without the following people. Lots of coaches, parents and athletes also helped out for which I thank you grately but the following people were key to the event taking place.

Track officials Charles, Jane & Patrick. Field officials Malcolm & Matt. Starter Steve and his team including Andy & Dave. Electronic timing and photo finish specialists Don, Ped & Anne. Jess doing all the Opentrack administration and of course the University site team.

All this put together for the most important people of all the athletes who put in some great performances on the night and I really felt for the 3k runners and the discus throwers who were caught in the torrential downpour at the end of the meeting.

Look out for details of the fourth and last of the clubs 2021 Open meetings which will take place at the end of September.