Fri 24th Sep 2021

Completes an astonishing 100% record in young athlete league matches this year; 9 wins out of 9.

The club dominated its final league match of the season on Sunday as it won its final Wessex League match by a huge margin to make it a 100% record for young athlete league matches this season.

As not all clubs were able to take part in 4 matches, the Wessex league title will be decided on an average of performances throughout the season, but the club has at least guaranteed itself a share of the title, meaning it has defended the crown it won when the league was last held in 2019. The club also won most of the age categories, which was an improvement on 2019, and retained the Quadkids title from 2019 as well.

Huge congratulations to all the young athletes who took part (well over a hundred) and a special mention to the Team Managers, Mark (U11's), Susan (U13 & U15 girls), Mikaela and Richard (U13 & U15 boys), and Paul (U17's) who have done an amazing job in organising the teams over the four matches. Thank you, too, to all the officials and helpers who took part to enable the competition to go ahead.

All results for Sunday, and over the course of the season, can be seen through the link below.